TOPPING D10 Balanced

USB DAC with ES9038Q2M Chip

    Wide compatibility and customized ASIO drivers
    Accurately indicate the audio format (PCM or DSD)
    DSD256&PCM384 and USB interface application
    Greatly improve the overall system performance and sound quality s
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Support DSD256&PCM384 and USB Interface Application

If you already have a better DAC, you can connect the D10 Balanced's coaxial /optical output to the DAC and let the D10 Balanced serve as the USB interface for your DAC, adding a better USB input to your decoder. When used as an interface, D10 Balanced could output no higher than PCM 24bit 192kHz when served as a USB bridge

Wide compatibility and Customized ASIO Drivers

D10 Balanced has a wide range of compatibility: Windows(above Win10), MAC, and Linux can all be plug and play. D10 Balanced supports professional ASIO applications. When using ASIO in MAC or Linux, it can be set in the music playback software; when using ASIO with Windows, you can use the customized driver from The sycon, for high-resolution files, especially DSDNative support is better.

Automatic power on/off

No matter whether the USB interface still has electrical output after the shutdown, D10 Balanced will synchronously power on/off with the PC. Solved part of the USB devices in the computer shutdown still work after the embarrassment.

Audio format and sampling rate indicator

D10 Balanced can accurately indicate the audio format(PCM or DSD)and a sampling rate of the playing music. Orange LED is soft and not dazzling even at night. DSD playback only displays the sampling rate in ASIO mode

Decoding Applications Optional

R You can connect D10 Balanced's Line Out output to your active speaker to send better sound directly into the speaker. You can also connect D10 Balanced to your amplifier/headphone amplifier's input to make D10 Balanced one part of your HIFI system, which provides better input for the amplifier/headphone amplifier, greatly improving the overall system performance and sound quality in the case of the USB input.

What is the difference between D10 Balanced and D10s?

-D10 Balanced is a complement to the D10S decoder.
-For single-ended analog output, choose D10s;
-For balanced TRS/XLR output, choose D10 Balanced.
-Please note that the balanced output of D10 Balanced does not support any adapter to convert to single-ended.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TOPPING D10 Balanced
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TOPPING D10 Balanced Comes with a 1 year warranty on the DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Power supply description
DC5V/0.5A (powered by USB)
Digital output interface
Analog output interface
Decoder chip
ESS ES9038Q2M SABRE HIFI decoder chip
Support OS
Windows(above Win10), MAC, Linux
For ASIO applications under Windows, it needs to install the customized driver from The sycon and set it up. (Android and IOS not compatible due to insufficient OTG current)
Dynamic range
Total Harmonic Distortion @A- Weighting
<0.0008% at 1kHz
Frequency response
Output amplitude
2Vrms @0dBFS
Output internal resistance
What's in the package?
-Topping D10 Balanced
-6.35mm TRS to XLR adapter
-USB cable
-User manual
-Warranty card

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Well worth the money

Works well with all setups that I use

Joe s
Basic build, endgame performance.

I hooked this baby up to my THX 789, and I CANNOT hear anything when I route it near my computer monitor and usb cables! Before I had a D50S hooked up, and when the interconnects neared my monitor especially, I'd get buzzing and odd data type noise. Now, the balanced connection fixes all that. I use it with Hosa 1/4" to XLR cables, and it's just perfect.
If I had any CON's, it's that the enclosure is a bit basic and there is only one nyquist LPF filter, but I can't hear the difference between any of them anyway.

Overall, it's a must buy if you have any interference with RCA connections and you have a balanced amp.

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