NFCA HiFi Headphone Amp Preamplifier

    Wide Applications for Headphones
    Three Levels of Gain Settings
    Low Distortion, High Performance
    L30II+E30II=Perfect Companion
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What’s the Improvement Compared with L30

Compared with previous L30, the second generation L30II has made big improvements on NFCA module to provide 0.3uV ultra low noise and a dynamic range of 144dB, while keeping 0.00006% THD+N. The new model achieves 2X times power at 300ohm load. The small body but with big power is fully manifested in L30II.

Wide Applications for Headphones

To accommodate a wide range of headphones, L30II amplifier is designed with high output voltage, high current and low output impedance. No matter the headphone is of high impedance or low sensitivity, L30II amplifier can easily dealt with them all.

Three Levels of Gain Settings

Speaking of gain settings, the L30II has improved gain settings to cover a wider range of needs to be suitable for different types of headphones. L30II is built with three gain options: -14dB, 0dB, 16.5dB. With different settings, both low-sensitivity and high-sensitivity headphones can reach a satisfying performance without obvious background noise because of the extremely low noise level of 0.3uV.

Low Distortion, High Performance

The L30II can maintain ultra-low distortion output under power load. Under 32ohm load and 2500mW output, the THD+N is lower than 0.00008%; under 300ohm load and 300mW output, the THD+N is lower than 0.00007%.

L30II+E30II=Perfect Companion

It is usually recommended to use L30II with E30II together to achieve the best results. These two can make a perfect match, or even better with active speakers. Simply connect the L30II to headphones and active speaker, by switching the outputs on L30II, you are able to easily enjoy music on headphones and active speakers respectively.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TOPPING L30II
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TOPPING L30II Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

<0.00006%@ Output=500mW(32Ω) ; <0.00005%@ Output=80mW(300Ω)
THD @20-20KHZ 90KBW
<0.00008%@ Output=500mW(32Ω) ;<0.00007%@ Output=80mW(300Ω)
Dynamic Range@ 1KHZ(a-wt)
Frequency Response
20Hz-40kHz(± 0.05dB)
Output Level
14Vpp@ G = L; 31Vpp@ G = M; 37Vpp@ G = H
AP measured noise level (a-wt)
<0.7uVrms@ G = L; <0.7uVrms@ G = M; <1.5uVrms@ G = H
Actual noise level * (a-wt)
<0.3uVrms@ G = L; <0.3uVrms@ G = M; <1.4uVrms@ G = H
Output Impedance
Output Power
3500mW x2@ 16Ω THD+N<0.1%; 2700mWx2@ 32Ω THD+N<0.1%; 2000mW x2@ 64Ω THD+N<0.1% 560mW x2@ 300Ω THD+N<0.1%
Load Impedance

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Customer Reviews

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Michel Van de kraats
No regret

So, I have allot of headphones ( up to 300ohm).. but I wanted the best I could afford.
So, I watched allot of yt videos and bought a planar..but reviews started best use with headphone amplifier
So, I bought the topping L30v2.
Big difference is..I'm not having to set volume high to get impact full audio
So, definitely worth the money

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