Tripowin Perles

Tripowin Perles IEM Cable 8 Core Silver-plated OCC Copper

    8 Core OCC Silver-plated Copper, 19 Wire
    28 AWG Litz Structure, Braiding Cable
    Improvement on Sound Quality
    Wide Application
    Compatible with Sennheiser IE900 and Similar MMCX Connectors
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The New Member of Tripowin Cable Family

As a brand specializing in HiFi IEM cables and tuning, Tripowin has implemented their rich skills and exquisite craftsmanship in every detail. The newly launched Perles and Danube high-purity cables surely can take a place in the family and in your selection. This series features a Litz structure cable with mixed braiding technique to maximally avoid microphonics while transmitting lossless sound performance .

8 Core OCC Silver-plated Copper, 19 Wire

To achieve optimal performance, we have been extremely strict while selecting the materials and the structure for this Perles and Danube cable. Eventually we go with a 8 core OCC silver-plated copper cable, each core is made of 19 wires to make a good combination and provide fast and stable transmission. The sound is greatly restored to the original, less distorted.

28 AWG Litz Structure, Braiding Cable

Because of the special structure of Litz, it is widely used to carry high frequency currents as the insulated strands each carry a portion of the current and prevent losses due to the skin effect. Thus Perles and Danube cables will offer a premium sound performance than other cables. Besides that, with the extraordinary braiding technique, the naturally formed pattern looks neat and elegant on it. It’s not too loud but noticeable. It feels soft and easily be stored without any tangling .

Improvement on Sound Quality

Cable is vital to a HiFi earphone. Small changes and upgrade can make a difference. If you are looking for something to upgrade your current setup, Perles and Danube could be a good choice for IEM cable. It has been tested that with this cable, the sound quality will improved to be clearer, brighter and less distortion. The three frequencies can be more vivid through this cable. It is aiming to provide you with the best budget IEM that can explore the new stage of music sound .

Wide Application

The Perles and Danube cable are designed with various connectors and plugs to suit for most devices and earphones, even the high-end earbuds. The wide range of application makes it ideal for any replacement. Perles and Danubed's MMCX connectors are compatible with the Universal MMCX earphones and Sennheiser IE series. Simply choose the right style for your devices. MMCX,QDC or 2PIN, pick any one of them from your needs .

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Tripowin Perles
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The Tripowin Perles Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

Perles configuration
19 wires *0.08mm x8 core Single Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Cables
PVC outer
28 AWG Litz Structure

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Customer Reviews

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Tripowin Perles

I bought this IEM cable as an experiment. It has proven itself to be worth its low price and more.
I looked at this and the Tripowin Danube, both being 8 core SP OCC and both being 28 AWG with a flat Litz structure. The only difference is that the Perles has a 19 wire structure and the Danube has a 32 wire structure. My choice of the Perles was specific on this basis.
Ergonomically the Perles is very good. It is very pliable, light, the ear hooks fit my ears perfectly and hold their shape and I hear no microphonics.,

I used it with an expensive TOTL IEM because I wanted to compare it to the stock cable that came with my IEM. I was surprised.
I will not go into audiophile detail mode describing what I hear. Let me just say that I was pleasantly surprised.
I will summarize by saying that the Perles offers a pleasing slightly warm musical quality which makes it very easy and satisfying to listen to. The Perles does not seem to suppress bass, mids, or treble but allows the tonal balance to remain pretty much the same. I have not been a fan of silver cables as I prefer a warmer richer timbre and silver can be too bright for my ears. Surprisingly this is not the case with the Perles. (This may not also be true of the Danube as the thinner wires and increase in the number of wires may change the Ag/Cu ratio and result in a probably inaudible shift in timing of the treble. I cannot know without trying the Danube.)
The Perles does not present the technical prowess of much more expensive cables, but it does a surprisingly good job considering its modest price. It is well designed, well constructed and accomplishes the task of providing musical enjoyment.

I will probably keep the Perles and use it for casual listening or when I am traveling. It is that good.
For serious listening or being carried away by the music I prefer, for example, a cable by another Asian manufacturer, the Fusion 1 from Effect Audio in Singapore.
For someone in Europe or the US this Perles IEM cable is well worth the minimal cost here in our Western economies.
One of these days I will probably try another similar cable from higher up the product lines offered by this seller, Linsoul.
For people with Sennheiser IEMs, note that the MMCX connectors work perfectly with the IE900.
Enjoy the music friends,

Aidan Williams
Excellent cable!

I got the 2 pin variant and it's great, love the braid on it. Pairs very nicely with my b3!

John Duggan
Excellent cable 3.5mm mmcx

Very nice cable. I can confirm that it works with Sennheiser IE300 without modifications. Much less fussy than the original cable supplied.

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