8BA HiFi Metal in-Ear Earphone

    Aluminum shell and ergonomic design
    Balanced tuning technology and crossover
    Electronic Crossovers Tuning.
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8 Balance Armatures Per Side

TRN BA8 is the newly released balanced armature earphones with 3 custom 30095, 2 custom 29689, 2 custom 50060 and a 22955 balanced driver. Both channels is equipped with full balanced armatures providing a wide frequency response from deep bass to extended treble, giving a highly cohesive intensive and satisfying listening experience.

Electronic Crossovers Tuning

Deploys precision electronics frequency crossovers that accurately calculate the frequency band that allocates bass, midrange and treble at specific but vital points, delivering exceptionally refined sound with very low distortion. The painstakingly-tuned electronic crossovers ignite your fiery musical passion in every way

Detachable OCC 0.75mm-2Pin Cable

Link2 built-in high-performance ESS9118EC decoder chip supports up to PCM 32bit/384kHz and DSD256 decoding while mobile phones can only decode 16bit/48kHz. The measured distortion of the whole machine is only 0.0018% which will restore more details for you

Aerospace-grade Aluminium Shell.

BA8 uses customized shells precision-milled from aerospace-grade magnesium alloy using 5-axis CNC machine, carefully hand-finished to perfection and finally varnished with multi-layered ceramic coating that is both beautiful and durable. The exquisite shell creates the most comfortable wearing experience

Professional Tuning for Balanced Sound.

The sophisticated acoustic structure within the BA8 housings, together with carefully-tuned electronic crossover, delivering an accurate tone balanced sound you never heard before

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TRN BA8
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TRN BA8 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Configurations
-3*30095 balanced armatures for treble -2*29689, 2*50060 balanced armatures for midrange -1*22955 balanced armatures for bass section
Frequency range
Plug Type
3.5mm L curved
Cable Length
0.75-2Pin recessed
Whether with mic

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Customer Reviews

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Smooth, detailed, pleasant, and a little pricey.

This is my second pair of all-BA iems, the first being the TRN BA5. I'd like to preface my impressions with saying I am no audiophile, just a hobbyist. My eartips: final audio e-type, since sound can be tip dependant. This is all my opinion, so YMMV.

This iem considerably smooth to me, with good texture all around. The bass is powerful enough, and it sounds better than the BA5's. The vocals seem clearer, too, and the the treble is smooth and detailed. but I do imagine it'd be harder on some people's ears.

Fit is good. Comfortable, decent heft (feels premium but not too heavy.) The typical metal build is solid, and the powder coating they use looks and feels premium. The shell is actually similar to the shape to the moondrop starfield if that's any indication of comfort, but the BA8 has better isolation.

Accessories are pretty lame for the price point. Standard TRN eartips, and the wire it came with is doodoo. It's like the stock copper KZ cables. (I was gifted an 8-core cable, but I wouldn't count it since it is not standard) but the aluminum carrying case feels nice.

I can't say the BA8 is 2x better than the BA5 considering the price, but it is a big improvement. I really enjoyed it.

I don't know how it compares to it's contemporaries like the KZ AS16 or the CCA C16, so I'd like to see them compared.

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