Titanium-Coated 10mm Dynamic Driver New-Silicone Ear-Tips In-Ear Earphones

    Brand-New Titanium-Coated 10mm Composite Cavity Dynamic Driver
    Intense Atmosphere Dual-Chamber Design
    Zinc Alloy Cavity Design
    4-Core Silver-Plated Wire
    Grand-Debut TRN New Silicone Ear-Tips: T Ear-Tips
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Brand-New Titanium-Coated 10mm Composite Cavity Dynamic Driver

MT3 adopts a 10mm titanium-coated composite cavity dynamic driver with higher Young's modulus than its predecessor. This device has significantly increased diaphragm rigidity while maintaining excellent damping, providing better treble extension and detail.

Intense Atmosphere Dual-Chamber Design

TRN MT3 breaks through the conventional structure of the traditional dynamic unit only containing a single cavity. This device is specially designed with a double cavity structure and an exclusive resonant cavity configuration, making the diaphragm travel smooth, and the low-frequency energy is naturally rich.

Zinc Alloy Cavity Design

With the combination of modern aesthetics and geometry, MT3 follows TRN's fine workmanship and solid materials, using zinc alloy materials. As a headphone cavity, the polygonal lines are cleverly combined with the headphone cavity, bringing a unique sense of geometry.

4-Core Silver-Plated Wire

Featuring audiophile grade 4 core silver-plated cable, MT3 has a full-bodied and rounded audio performance with full resolution. This device can bring users fine acoustic reproduction with high fidelity.

Grand-Debut TRN New Silicone Ear-Tips: T Ear-Tips

Equipped with TRN new silicone ear tips named T ear-tips, the TRN MT3 can significantly reduce high frequency distortion through the special diffusion structure design, suppress bad resonance. It is worth mentioning that T ear tips make the tone more natural. Besides, this device features a sort of special umbrella cap material, which can fundamentally solve the problem of ear swelling caused by wearing earphone so that the MT3 can bring better wearing experience.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TRN MT3
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TRN MT3 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Product model:
Jack type:
Ear hook
Transducer type:
Dynamic drivers monitors
Frequency response:
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Weight (Headphone + cable):

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Customer Reviews

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Rafael Frias
Very realistic

I think is for all genders, I’m not an expert but I can’t believe the quality for the price, look so elegant and the sound is very intense, vivid, with details and airy, it makes a difference that is open, that hole makes the magic. Also is not complicated, so confortable doesn’t matter what you use as cable or tips, you will forget that is there because the shape and how small it is. The only reason why I don’t have it as my favourite is the bass, is good… stronger bass is important to me. Because I use the tablet for the movies, I think is the use that I will give to this IEM, if you are looking for good vocals or something that can be use in a big variety in music genders, I think you will love this.

Bright, brilliant, detailed sound. Beautiful appearance

The TRN MT3 is IEMs with a bright, detailed feel and a good sound balance that combines excellent localization and texture. The exterior design is also very good, and the build quality will bring you more satisfaction than the price. However, the resolution is in line with the price and its sound is very flat, lacking a sense of depth and sounding cheap.

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