2DD + 2BA Hybrid In-Ear Monitor

    10mm Berylium-plated Diaphragm Dual-magnet Dynammic Drivers
    6mm Titanium-plated Diaphragm Dynammic Drivers
    Oxygen-free Copper Cable & Swappable Connectors
    Classic Knowles Balance 33518*2
    Aluminum Alloy & Resin Housing & 3-in-1
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Robust Level of TRN

TA4 inherits many points of TA3 and also has some innovations. TRN's products do a good job of balancing price and quality. TRN TA4 adopts conventional electronic crossover to accurately and evenly distribute the bass, midrange, and treble regions. The implementation of both dual dynamic drivers and balanced armature helps achieve coherency throughout the entire frequency spectrum.

The Combination of Rigidity and Flexibility

TA4's dual dynamic drive is equipped with Knowles balanced armature. TRN's acoustics engineers took the TA4 to the next level with their experience on the TA3. The ultra-wide frequency response of the two dynamic drivers and the excellent resolution of the balanced armature are brought together to create exhilarating music experiences.

Crystal-clear Treble and Beautiful Vocals

TRN TA4 comes equipped with a 10mm beryllium-coated dual-magnetic dynamic driver responsible for low frequency. A 6mm titanium-coated dynamic driver for mid-range and upper-mid-range frequency. Two Knowles 33518 balanced armature for treble. TRN TA4 provides exquisite treble and upper frequencies. Allow you to truly dive into a musical, yet highly detailed experience with an open and wide soundstage.

Combination of Alloys and Resins

The combination of aluminum alloy faceplate, midframe, and imported semi-transparent resin, together they gives an exquisite and luxurious sonic presentation with an elegant aesthetic appearance. TA4 adopts a semi-open back design, which helps to achieve air pressure balance within the inner acoustics chamber, effectively relieving pressure on the eardrum. This allows full music enjoyment without discomfort.

Practical Accessories

Standard audiophile-grade cable Swappable connectors 4 core silver-plated copper wounded and an oxygen-free copper braided cable. TA4 adopts 4 core silver-plated copper wounded and an oxygen-free copper braided cable. with silver-plated OFC copper gives the TA4 an exceptionally smooth treble extension and a visceral bass response.
*Plug and play convenience. Includes 3.5/2.5/4.4mm connectors

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TRN TA4
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TRN TA4 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Product Model
Jack Type
Ear Hook
Earphone Topography
Hybrid In-Ear Monitors
Freqquency Response
Connector Type
Cable Length
Silvery Black
about 5.7g+20g

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Customer Reviews

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Aaron B
A good pair of IEMs (when not DOA)

I have mixed feelings about the TRN TA4.

My unit arrived with one unit DOA, Linsoul customer service walked me through the process of verification and then had me destroy the failed unit before sending a replacement. These IEMs would be a 8.5-9/10 if not for the issue of DOA which, to me, points at a lack of QC on the side of TRN.

The units are a little large, but fit snugly within my ears and don't cause any pains.

The TRN TA4 has some of the best accessories for a sub $100 USD IEM. The unti includes your normal silicone eartips, but they also have a set of really sticky eartips, the closest thing would be the SednaEarFit XELASTIC brand of eartips. The included cable has interchangeable tips (with rubber o-ring, I assume for dust protection). The cable wants to maintain its original shape after multiple uses, but it may just need a better case. So, the case, it's too small, it's nice to put the extra cable and eartips in, but if you want to use it for the cable/IEMs, domt bother, you'll just cause yourself a headache when you have to untable the cable.

These IEMs made me realize I don't hate Balanced Armature drivers. The sound is full and detailed without being overbearing or shouty. I do not have the best ear, for how exact something is, but, I can tell if something if wrong, and the TRN TA4 have both wrong. I activatly wanted to listen to more songs, watch movies, and play games with these IEMs, when typically I will listen for a few hours and constantly skip to find a track that sounds good with X headphones.

- They have driver flex, you can hear those drivers crunch when you push them into your ears... Yeah, seriously, it sucks.
- Cable tangles easily
- Included case is too small for use

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