Beryllium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver in-Ear Earphone

    Supreme Quality Cable.
    Technical Excellence Meets User Preference
    Ergonomic Design.
YBF-ISS014 Silver
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10mm Beryllium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver.

URBANFUN YBF-ISS014 Earphones adopts the Beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver which is more like a U-shaped sound curve and it can fully reduce the strong human voice drum point of mid-low frequency, restore a shocking low frequency sound effect. You can fully enjoy a magnetic deep bass experience

Mirror Polished Metal Shell

Made from stainless steel, the heart-shaped earphone is truly an eye-catcher with its mirror polished cavity. The special shell can suppress unwanted vibrations and support the drivers. Streamline design also excels in longevity with its features of anti-skid, anti-scratch ect.

Supreme Quality Cable

The detachable cable is tested, polished and extended in the production process which greatly reduces the distortion. It’s anti-tension and anti-interference wire. The pre-shaped earplug design and 3.5mm gold plated plug make the cable long lasting. The built-in microphone is also available for choosing. One click operation is easy to use too

Portable and Compact

 Coming with a storage box and the earphones can be easily stored. Feel free to take it anywhere and not afraid of abrasion. 3.5mm universal jack can fit most devices too, simply enjoy the HiFi world with this earphone!

Ergonomic Design

The earphone is mold based on professional ear canal data analysis. The special shape is comfortable for long time wearing too and at the same time it can increase the passive noise reduction effect. It’s improved by adjusting the angle and position of the sound tube to the ear canal, achieving a high fit

Inside the Box

  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The URBANFUN YBF-ISS014 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver unit
10mm Beryllium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
Earphone sensitivity
Frequency response range
Plug Type
3.5mm Gold Plated Straight Type
Cable Length
Earphone Interface

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
spin dablock

amazing iem, some of the best money ive ever spent, totally rec it...🗽👿

Victor Chu
Balance issues..Possible defective IEM

Read there are issues but when for it. Well got a bad one. First one out of many bought and this one is a bad one.

Possibly better than Blon03. Yes possibly.

The treble and mids have a smooth roll off. Treble and mids not quite as forward as blon03. Bass is dynamic, bass imaging fantastic, bass is very good control and can hit hard on some songs. More fuller sound compared to blon03. If you compare then side by side listening to blon03 they compare very well. In some aspects they are better than blon03. This set is a polite set. You can listen to them all day, same as blon03. Nearly outstanding on every song on different Dap's that I have. But have not heard that magic yet from any particular songs like I have heard on Blon03, Legacy 3 and Voyager 3. Purchased 08/02/2020 Amazon Linsoul. I believe these are Beryllium drivers. I'd be pissed if they were not. Also thank you Beggar!

Hassan K

Energetic set that never fails to get me up and pumped up, Great Detail and and fun bass which is a steal at this price. Can easily recommend.

Martynas G
Excellent Stuff

These are really good. Like for 60 USD you can't beat them.
Superb Bass, in some songs it can a bit overpowering but generally it is really pleasant and impactful.
Mids: pleasant and natural.
Treble: Slightly elevated but with nice resolution. Sometimes can be a bit harsh in some poorly done songs, but usually doesn't bothet me.
Imaging: Fucking excellent, I think best I have heard so far.
Separation: Excellent, "Far from any road" by Handsome family. You can focus on all instrument and beeps. Everything is clear.
Soundstage: really wideeee, wider than m1060C but not deeper. Deepness is average, but matched with widness gives quite holographic presentation.
VS Blon 03 Blon sounds lower resolution, less refined, less bass. Soundstage is about same.
VS Gr07, GR07 is sybilant, resolution is not far off.
I do rek these.

Javier Villegas
Analytical version of the BLON's

The beefiness and weight of the bass slam is much more satisfying than the UF's. The BLON's bass is less controlled but better hitting. The UrbanFuns have a more contolled bass but leave much to be desired. Imo the bass on the UrbanFuns cant touch the BLON's

The treble on the UrbanFuns are very forward and more present than the BLON's. Cymbal crashes have a nice sparkle to them. The BLON's with the right tips can give you a nice treble spike that can come close to the UrbanFun's, while I like the timbre of the treble more on the BLON's, the UF's take the cake because it has a better sparkle. The UF's might be a bit too bright for some people.

The fit on these are much better than the BLON. Not much to be said here, I find them both comfy but the UF's don't rest on my tragus as the BLON's do.

While each set has it's pro's and con's I have yet to decide which is the best set. The UF's are a brighter, more detailed, airier, more analytical, less bassy version of the BLON's. If that's what you're looking for look no further. I think these are two very different monsters that deserve respect, but they're very different sonically so it's hard to say which is the better set, really depends on what you're looking for in an IEM.

Bassheads stick to the BLON
If you want more treble and a better fit go with the UF's

Tips used;
UrbanFuns: Azla SednaEarfit (size M)
BLON: JVC SpiralDots (size M)

David Rupp

For me these are perfect. Flat sound curve, great detail and nice soundstage. At this price they are an amazing bargain. Everyone's ears are different and people like different things. If you like what I describe, you have to try these. At that price you can't lose.

(Lance 2)
Detailed and Underwhelming; BLON wins.

In all of the songs, games and 3D audio demos I tested the YBF against the BLON in, I preferred the BLON pretty much every time. In short, it has a more balanced, natural, smooth, pleasing sound, and the YBF sounds like monitoring speakers with a treble/detail-focused, thinner, sub-bassy, un-naturally balanced sound. The sub-bass and detail resolution of the YBF is impressive compared to the BLON, but I don't feel like I'm missing anything when listening to the BLON. As soon as a better fitting BLON v2 comes out, I will be all over it...!

+ More resolution
+ More sub-bass
+ Better fit
+ Great box contents package
- Too much treble forwardness & fatigue
- Relatively thin sounding
- Tonal balance seems weird/off

+ Thicker, weightier sound
+ Smooth treble
+ More overall bass meat & punch
+ A little bigger soundstage & better imaging(?)
+ Great tonal balance
- Challenging fit

(DAC = Topping D50s, amp = JDS ATOM)

The blob killer

Gotta say...if you like the blons you are gonna love the urbans. Better fit...smoother bass...and more of it. Cable is nice and well behaved. No chin slide on these suckers...but that's no big deal. They look like a couple of steel bearings being highly reflective and all...very cool looking actually. Urbans deserve a listen...

A better BLON-03

BGGAR reviews has suggested the BLON BL-03 and it turned out to be pretty fantastic (not just for the price). A couple months later, the Urbanfun is in stock again. All I can say is wow. If you liked the BLON you'll pretty much love these. It's a pretty substantial upgrade in my opinion. Bass seems to be dialed down a bit but still slams. Mids seem pretty smooth. Vocals are a bit better than the BLON's but still not my favorite for them. Treble seems airy and natural. Nothing sharp or sibilant from what I've listened to. Soundstage seems to be pretty good in it's width. Tonality is spot on for my preference.

*Note: I currently have these in my lineup; FiiO FH5, Moondrop Starfield, BLON BL-03, and the Final E4000. The Starfield and these have been my goto's for the past week. Still love all the other iem's for different genres.

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