xDuoo MT-602

6J1 Tube Transistor Headphone Amplifier Pre-amplifier

    Special enthusiast Japanese RUBYCON capacitance
    Mute Circuit , and Gold-Plated RCA Port
    Matte Surface, Aluminum Alloy Shell
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Tube + Transistor Hybrid Amplifier

xDuoo MT-602 adopts 6J1 tube for pre-amp and transistors for class-A buffer. The front tube amplifier and rear transistor combine the advantages of two amplifier circuits to achieve the ideal sound effect and make you immersed in the happy atmosphere of music.

Compact Portable Headphone Amplifier

As it adopts transistors for buffer, strong output power up tp 1300mW, can easily drive many kind of headphones. Moreover, designed with palm size(12*7.8*4cm), it’s easy to carry everywhere for real-time HiFi music experience

Professional Capacitance

Apart from adopting the special enthusiast Japanese ELNA capacitance as the coupling capacitance to present have transparent and sweet sound, it also adopts the special enthusiast Japanese RUBYCON capacitance as the main filter capacitance to reach smooth and warm sound, and splendid high frequency..

Volume Control, AUX In/Out

This model is designed with one line output, through the tube, and controlled by volume. lt can be used as the Pre-amplifier of all kinds of audio amplifier or active speaker, and improve the sound quality of audio amplifier or active speaker.

Matte Surface, Aluminum Alloy Shell

MT-602 is more than it’s amazing features, it is exquisitely built as well. Follow the modern minimalism design, it’s crafted with simple elegant look with matte surface, made of aluminum alloy. You will truly explore the beauty of it when you hold it and enjoy HiFi music


-Tube amplifier has its unique tube sound, sweet, soft, warm and listenable voice and good musicality and atmosphere; but its high-frequency transient response and resolving power are worse than that of transistor especially when listening to symphony.

-Transistor has the advantages of large dynamics, high speed, strong resolving power and strong driving force, especially suitable for the songs with large dynamics; but itis not soft enough and its high-frequency sound is sharp and dry.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x xDuoo MT-602
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The xDuoo MT-602 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Power Supply
Output Power
Frequency Response
10HZ~ 60KHz (+0.5dB)
Suitable Headphone Impedance
16~ 600 Ohm
≤0.01%(1KHz & 32ohm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Francisco Falcao
XDuoo is King on price to performance

It is a really nice amp and pre, very well build, powerful. If you have a hard to drive headphone I recomend this a lot, but I wouldn’t recommend this for sensitive IEMs, cause in this case there is some noise floor and the volume knob has too little headroom to work because there’s no gain switch.

xDuoo MT-602 is a powerhouse

The MT602 has more than enough power for my Hifiman headphones. I don't need to turn the volume past 9 o'clock to get a comfortable listening level. Love the preamp out to get a little tube sound through to my amp and speakers.

I would recommend for anyone who is just starting out in this hobby and want to get that a tube sound for their music.

Christopher Marko
Smoooooooooth and tubey

For the price, you can't beat this little tube amp! Through my Schiit Bifrost DAC it produces a smooth tubey sound with a really nice soundstage with my Hifiman planar headphones. Takes up very little desk space and it doesn't get very hot. Highly recommend for ~$99, you can't go wrong.

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