Xenns Mangird Tea2

Next Generation 6BA + 1DD Hybrid IEM

    The Next Generation Of European Dynamic Driver
    Sonion 2600 Series Low-end Drivers
    Knowles 33518 Super Tweeters
    Handcrafted Beauty
    Upgrade Custom Cable
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About Mangird

Mangird was started by a small handful of young engineers passionate about music and high-resolution audio. Combining their knowledge in electrical engineering and studio performance audio gears, the Mangird team has since produced numerous professional in-ear monitors that have stirred up a global sensation. Some of these include the Xenns UP, which combined the latest driver technology with a powerful tuning, and the Tea, which was beloved for its precise balanced signature. The Mangird team is committed to hand-producing each of their units in small batches to ensure top-of-the-line quality assurance and a bespoke character. Make every song your own with Mangird.

The Best, but Better

The original Mangird Tea took off with instant success across the world, with fans praising its natural tuning. The Tea was among the first few IEM’s to utilize a studio-neutral tuning that focused on flat mids, precision-tuned sub-bass impact, and a natural treble. Earphone drivers are typically not designed to simply give these styles of neutral reference tuning due to their acoustic characteristics, but Mangird’s engineering proved itself to be more than capable to manipulate the natural tonal characters of earphone drivers to achieve a studio-monitor sound in an IEM. Keeping this same strategy, the Mangird team has worked to create the successor to the original Tea, focusing on improving technical performance, an even more balanced tuning, and elevating the bass impact.

The Xenns Mangird Tea2 features the original Tea’s flat midrange, with a precision-tuned sub-bass impact that is 40% stronger, yet just as clean, to maintain an uncolored sound. This was achieved by using the next generation of European dynamic driver that substantially increases the membrane tension to allow greater resolution in the bass. The composition of the balanced armature drivers have also been updated, now using two Sonion 2600 series low-end drivers to achieve synergy between the BA and DD drivers and help boost the texture of the bass. The flat midrange was achieved by introducing two new Sonion 2300 series drivers that focus on neutral fundamental frequencies. A comprehensive passive crossover network incorporates the core ranges of each driver type to produce the perfect balance between tuning and low total-harmonic distortion levels. Finally, Mangird has listened to the audiophile community, which often pointed towards the original Tea’s lack of treble detail. To resolve this issue, two Knowles 33518 super tweeters were used, with their voltages boosted to match the rest of the drivers, and extend the treble extension. If the original Tea’s treble was described to be smooth, the Tea MKII significantly improves the treble output and definition, enhancing the detail retrieval and providing an excellent airy atmosphere - all while maintaining a natural tonal balance.

Handcrafted Beauty

Each Xenns Mangird Tea2 unit is handcrafted, using German medical-grade resin that is painstakingly UV cured. This process creates an extremely durable shell that is also safe to the skin. The faceplate is also hand created, meaning each IEM unit is unique and bespoke for each user.

Upgrade Custom Cable

The Xenns Mangird Tea2 comes standard with an updated 6N OCC litz cable that has been optimized to deliver a more refined transparency in the sound. The 2-pin connector means that the user can easily change the cable to mix and match the sound, as well as extend the lifetime of the IEM without worrying about damages to the cable.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Xenns Mangird Tea2
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Xenns Mangird Tea2 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

± 18Ω
Frequency response range

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Colin Kappel
Great Sound, Great Value!

I just love the Tea2! The bass is amazing without being to heavy and the amount of detail-retrieval.. omg. Mids, highs and soundstage also all really good. Of course, they handle electronic music or Hip Hop the best because of the great bass. But I also like to listen to a lot of other genres with them. The only little critique I have is that the connecters are a bit loose which nearly lead me to loosing the Tea2. So, always check when taking them out because you don't want to lose these masterpieces!

Ray Kump
These are insane!

After hating the sterile blessing 2. (Yes they are clear and crispy). These are a godsend. They have better soundstage and imaging than the B2. And the sound is so engaging. Any song I threw at it came alive. Bass is great and has a good thump, mids are clear and rich, trebles are crisp and clear (no sibilance). Honestly, these are an experience. And I HIGHLY recommend anyone to get them. If you want analytical listening get something else. These will have you stuck to your seat as you go through your library. Great job mangird!

Andrej Kruh

the iems are great

Perfect all day everyday IEMs

Just buy them already. If you're thinking about them and they're in your budget, just do it. You won't regret it one bit.

If you love getting the flattest response for "unaltered" listening ... don't buy these. But if you just want to get some IEMs to wear (even all-day if that's your thing) and enjoy music (or really anything else you're doing on a computer), definetly get them.

They are perfect for a worry-free experience. No comfort issues, very pleasant sound. Nothing I can complain about.

Kevin Vivas

Xenns Mangird Tea2

Hugh Choi
lotsa great things here.

the sound is phenomenal. the bad has enough rumble for me and with it flat down to 200 Hz I'm in heaven. I do wish the treble were a bit more open. I seem to be insensitive from 2-3k on. perfect for me would be to load them with est's instead on the Knowles BAs. but again that's me. the most amazing thing is I got them from China to Seattle Washington in THREE (3) days. I ordered something from Florida that took six. go figure. anyway if you're looking for a neutral iem with bass boost and a relaxed treble, run don't walk, these were made for you.

Buy these if you need a neutral sounding IEM in your collection

(All listening has been done with included small black tips, IKKO ITM03, Apple lightning DAC, Fiio K3/ K5, Tidal, Apple Music lossless)
Everything sounds natural; cymbals crashes are realistic and you the hear the texture and nuances in all the instruments. Vocals are natural and not recessed(no BA timbre in sight), which I’m a big fan of, listening to genres such as rock, metal and alternative. It sounds really cohesive, almost like single dynamic drivers(every frequency is reproduced clearly) and has the better mids than Hifiman Sundaras. These can also play pop and electronic, no problem, just about every genre does fine. Midbass may be lacking for those genres though. Bass is fairly clean, with a slight subass boost. Does have below average punch and slam though(BA like), maybe due to crossover which makes the DD handle more subass rather than midbass. Changing to thicker core, small bore tips may help. EQing does not seem to fix this(this is no planar). However, EQing in more subass does make these quite interesting to listen to(River- Solo, Rich Brian- Kids, 40-50hz rumble.).

Treble is perfect for me. A bit darker, which prevents any sibilance(I’m treble sensitive) while being able to recreating the whole sound spectrum, adding to the cohesiveness of the sound. This means that these will not sparkle(maybe EQ can help)

Technicals are also really good, having excellent instrument separation and transients, complemented by its good imaging. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” sounded brilliant on these; the intro footsteps are accurately portrayed and each instrument is distinct with its own placement in the sound field. Music never seems to get bloated, even on busier tracks. Soundstage, however I’d rather below average(worse than Starfields), but some may prefer this more intimate presentation, which I do in some cases. IMO, having large soundstage usually makes every sound recessed and makes vocals sound distant, at least on cheaper sets.

Power requirements are perfectly suited for portable use. It is very efficient and does not require much power to get loud, even when used with Apple’s lightning dongle(typical of BA drivers). This may play to its detriment though, when used with beefier desktop amps less ideal SNRs. When connected to my Fiio K5’s these manifested noticeable hiss. But once again, using an amp of this caliber is not required.

The build is excellent, gorgeous finish on the faceplate with no visible defects. Resin shell transitions perfectly to metal nozzle, with no glue in sight, which brings me on to fit. While researching online, I found that the nozzle was on the larger side and worried that it wouldn’t fit well with my small ear canals. Nozzle, later measured with caliper was 5.40mm and 6.30mm at the lip. I was pleasantly surprised when I got these, as these fit like a glove in my ears(with the included small black ear tips). These ear tips are smaller than those you would get with your average IEMs and allowed me to get deep insertion, which does a great job at isolating noise. It sits pretty flush with my ears and fills most of my concha. The flange on the rear on the IEM also helps to lock in a very secure fit. Removing them are a bit more difficult due to the reasons stated above. The shells are rather big, fitting medium sized ears just right, steer clear if you have small ears. I do feel some pain during extended use(3hours+) but that will probably go away after wearing them some more. Also helps that the shells are very lightweight.

Package accessories are good. The included ear tips are well made and the pleather case feels great too, with plenty of space for the IEM and a dongle DAC. The case seems to be the same as the ones you get with Tin IEMs, maybe Tin Hifi is their OEM for the IEM too? The previous Tea also seems to have an OEM’s faceplate design. Not too sure about this though.

Now for the bad part; the cable. The silver-coated cable looks and feels great from the outside, with a decent suppleness and a good curvature, hugging my ears nicely. It stays put, using Super* Review’s roadie wrap method. However, trouble arises when you try to disconnect it from the IEM body. The 2 male pins are noticeable larger than the average 2 pin connector, leading to an extremely tight fit. I bend the pins, trying to remove it(was able to straighten afterwards). I would highly recommend not tampering with the cable and keeping it as is.


Fantastically tuned, neutral with slight subass emphasis and non offensive treble. Cohesive throughout the FR and can play just about every genre.
Good imaging.
Beautiful build and finish.
Good fit for medium+ sized ears.
Very noise isolating if the above is achieved.
Nice selection of ear tips, nice carrying case, containing foam tips.
Can be somewhat EQ’ed

Cable needs to be removed carefully due to tight fit.
Soundstage is not the best for this price category but acceptable for an IEM.
Limited tip selection du...

Good sound

Good sound

Bassy, fun and beautiful

I have mine for a month now. I like listening to the current hip hop, r&b, pop and acoustic songs. The vocals are nicely forwars it feels like you’re “in” the stage or studio room where the person is singing, more forward than the Aria. Better bass than Blon03, bigger and clean bass. Better than Beoplay E8.

I love the instrument separation, I can easily determine the strums of both acoustic and bass guitars, the slam of the drums were well emphasised by the sub-bass, the beat makes the song more lively but not fatiguing because its not bright. Because of the dark signature I can listen to it for hours. The fit is the most comfortable IEM yet that I own.

Good sound wayyyyy too much bass

Bass is out of control. Lacks definition, instead it’s a boomy sub bass sound. The mid is a strong suite since it sounds full. The treble has some BA timbre on sharp S sounds. Hard to reccommend when the timeless sounds better in terms of technicalities for a lower price.

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