Yanyin Canon II

4BA + 1 Biological Dynamic Driver Hybrid HiFi IEMs

    1 Biological Dynamic Driver and 4 Balanced Armature Drivers
    High Quality Graphene Single Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Cable
    Medical Resin Shell, Galaxy-looking Faceplate
    2 Tuning Switches, 4 different musical styles
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The Perennial Paradigm of the Yanyin Atelie

Canon as Yanyin Studio's longest-running product line, has very distinctive features, and has been recognized by many users. This Canon II is also a chic product with some new features in addition to the original excellent design, such as such as the latest bio-dynamic driver, Galaxy-looking faceplate and graphene single crystal copper silver-plated cable.

Classical, Yet Not Outdated, Structure

The Canon II perpetuates the quintessential "1DD+4BD" configuration. The "1DD" employs a third-generation bio-diaphragm Dynamic Driver, accompanied by a dual-chamber spatial design, which optimizes air pressure balance, thereby enhancing low-frequency dynamism and facilitating deeper immersion. Consequently, an audiophile-grade low-frequency experience is attainable even with earphones. The "4BD" comprises two full-size Balanced Armature drivers for mid-to-high frequencies and an additional two for high frequencies, resulting in a harmonious sound density across these ranges, ensuring outstanding audio quality.

High-Quality Cable to Attenuate Stethoscope Effect

The Canon II’s auricular cabling utilizes four strands of graphene single-crystal copper plated with silver. The cabling has a supple texture to mitigate the stethoscope effect and is supplied with customizable plugs and jacks that can be freely paired.

Physical Acoustic Conduit, Multiple Tuning Modalities

Canon II includes two independently controllable low-frequency switches, affording four tuning modes. Furthermore, the exterior boasts a medical-grade resin with a handcrafted shell, surpassing the durability and eco-friendliness of 3D-printed alternatives.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Yanyin Canon II
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Yanyin Canon II Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Earphone Material
Medical Resin
4-strand graphene single crystal copper silver-plated Cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Surprisingly fun set

This has quickly become my new daily driver set. The tuning is energetic and engaging without being overly V-shaped. The bass is powerful and addicting but only slightly bleeds into the mids. Despite having two switches there seems to really be three different tuning modes: off-off, on-on and one-up-one-down. The resulting tunings are mostly different in bass presentation, I’ve found the middle tuning to be the right balance for my ears.

The looks are phenomenal and the fit is acceptable, not the most secure, but fine for me. I ended up switching to my go-to ear tips in Spinfit W1s. YMMV with the included tips. The only real complaint I have is at this price point I would have liked a cable with interchangeable connectors.

Ain't Just a Pretty Face(plate)

Fantastic build and finishing. The galaxy-looking faceplate does look beautiful.
It sounds great especially on Pop Rock, Dance-Pop and Hip-Hop tracks. Nice sub-bass extension and mids without sibilance. Not the widest soundstage. That being said, how often do we come across iems with a large soundstage? Would go for headphones for that.
The 2 tuning switches don't seem to make much difference. Either my ears have grown old and less sensitive or the difference is subtle. Not a big problem as the sound signature is nice.

Great IEM

Just as good as the OG Canon or better. Havent burn in yet. There is NO driver flex suction effect on this Canon 2.

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