7HZ-SONUS New Release at Linsoul Audio

7HZ-SONUS New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Aug 24, 2023

7HZ Sonus

Now that the new season is approaching, we are pleased to present a brand new 1DD+1BA Dual Driver In-Ear Monitor: 7HZ-SONUS.

The inspiration for the design of 7HZ SONUS came from the symphony of the natural world. As elegantly and precisely as nature orchestrates its melodies, these headphones are a testament to the harmony between art and science. A complex composition of nature is reflected in the interplay of BA and DD in 7HZ SONUS. Like the layers of a forest or the rhythm of a flowing river, these elements combine to create a sonic tapestry that captures the essence of life's harmonious melodies.

The 7HZ SONUS features a meticulously designed single balanced armature (BA) unit that is perfectly integrated with the dynamic driver (DD). This synergy paints an unrivalled sonic canvas, revealing layers of audio nuance in every note. This synergy paints an unrivalled sonic canvas, revealing layers of audio nuance in every note. 7HZ SONUS has a frequency response from 10Hz to 20kHz, tapping into the depths and heights of the soundscape. From the softest whisper to the loudest bass, each element resonates with amazing precision. With a remarkable THD of less than 1% at 1kHz, the 7HZ SONUS reproduces melodies with uncompromising fidelity.

Furthermore, the construction of the 7HZ SONUS is exceptional. While the front chamber is made of medical-grade materials to optimise sound transmission, the aerospace-grade aluminium rear chamber combines durability with sophistication. The ergonomic contours are perfectly suited to the anatomy of your ears, ensuring total comfort even after long hours of listening.

The default high-end silver-plated OCC cable also ensures that the sound is perfectly rendered.

You may order your 7HZ-SONUS here.


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