AUNE BU2, the latest bluetooth balanced decoding amplifier, is now available for pre-order on Linsoul Audio.

AUNE BU2 Portable Bluetooth Balanced Decoding Amplifier New Release

by En Deng on Sep 09, 2021

Aune BU2 Portable Bluetooth Balanced DAC/ AMP

AUNE has always occupied an important position in the HIFI market with its desktop-level decoding/headphone amplifier system, and the previously launched portable decoding headphone amplifier BU1 also has a good reputation—it was given the title of Annual Gold Award by the famous Japanese VGP Award in 2020. This time they brought a new upgraded portable product -  AUNE BU2.

BU2 uses two ES9318 decoding chips. When connected to BU2 via USB, it supports up to 32bit 768k DSD512 mastering level decoding capability, bringing a live music experience. It allows you to experience high-quality Apple music and other online streaming music anytime, anywhere.

BU2 incorporates the classic B1 single-turn double positive and negative voltage power supply in a compact size. Adopting a four-channel powerful core amp design, the potent balanced output of the BU2 is strong and focuses on sound quality. At the same time, BU2 uses two low-jitter 45m/49m crystals, which are synchronized with the two decoding chips through the USB chip, making the sound of BU2 more natural, delicate and beautiful.

This time and for the first time, AUNE also introduces the bluetooth playback mode for portable products. Your mobile phone/iPad/PC can play music in apX-HD format up to 24bit/48kHz through bluetooth connection BU2, making the bluetooth sound extremely wonderful.

Moreover, BU2 inventively adopts a dynamic volume control technology composed of electronic switches and R2R resistors. The R2R resistors intervene at low volume to bring more precise control, and it is achieved under the condition of ensuring the stable output of the sound source. It can also effectively improve the bias and distortion in the process of low volume adjustment when using the potentiometer, so that the details can be preserved to the greatest extent, and the human vocal can sound smooth and delicate.

On BU2, you can still experience AUNE's mature musical tuning, which is natural and moist. It uses reference-level equipment on-site calibration, and reproduces every musical detail according to the real instrumental performance and the understanding of the musical connotation.

Those who are keen to give it a try may pre-order one here~

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