• Linsoul Best Spring Deals 2022

    Linsoul Best Spring Deals 2022
    Greetings everyone. Without realizing it, spring has come to us. Spring is a season full of energy and hope. The grass is sprouting, flowers are blooming, and hibernating animals are waking up, everything is a fresh start. With a blessed heart, Linsoul is now presenting you our Spring Deals! The event will be held from 28th March - 1st April, 2022 (GMT+8). This is a...
  • XDUOO LINK 2 BAL - DAC/AMP New Release at Linsoul Audio

    XDUOO LINK 2 BAL - DAC/AMP New Release at Linsoul Audio
    Xduoo is about to release their new generation of portable dac/amp - Link2 Bal. Link2 Bal uses dual CS43131 decoding chips, independent amp circuits, built-in low-pass filtering and other designs to ensure its excellent sound quality and overall performance. Compared with the previous generation Link 2, the most direct change of Link2 Bal is the addition of a balanced port. Besides, when it comes...
  • AUNE BU2 Portable Bluetooth Balanced Decoding Amplifier New Release

    AUNE BU2 Portable Bluetooth Balanced Decoding Amplifier New Release
    AUNE has always occupied an important position in the HIFI market with its desktop-level decoding/headphone amplifier system, and the previously launched portable decoding headphone amplifier BU1 also has a good reputation—it was given the title of Annual Gold Award by the famous Japanese VGP Award in 2020. This time they brought a new upgraded portable product -  AUNE BU2. BU2 uses two ES9318 decoding chips. When...
  • Linsoul Portable DAC/AMP Recommendations

    Linsoul Portable DAC/AMP Recommendations
    Greetings everyone.Great news to all audiophiles and music lovers out there!Music streaming services have been getting increasingly popular but not many companies offer Hi-Res content. Recently, Apple has finally jumped on the bandwagon too—Lossless Audio and Spatial Audio on Apple Music. You may now have a wonderful listening experience as streaming lossless quality music up to 24-bit/192kHz is now available on Apple Music. Spotify HiFi is also...
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