Dethonray Prelude DTR1+ Digital Audio Player New Release



Dethonray had set the stage in the audio industry with their hi-end portable DAC/AMP - the Honey H1. Despite its price tag, many users still consider it a sweet sweet deal.

"[A]n expedition in pursuit of supreme audio experience" is what Dethonray sets out to achieve. Other than DACs/AMPs, the company has launched its first Planar IEM not too long ago - Dethonray Tender I

This time, the lead character is not a DAC/AMP or an IEM. It is a revised version of their Prelude DTR1 music player, which was well received by many. Dethonray is about to launch the new Prelude DTR1+.

The former DTR1 has been popular for its unique, analog-flavoured tuning and excellent analytical quality. Its high density, full, moist, and warm sound are impressive.

This time, based on the characteristics of DTR1, the circuit design and amplification system of the DTR1+ have been upgraded more accurately. While retaining the excellent tuning of the previous generation products, it gives better sound separation and cohesion and better soundstage performance. The powerful and unique circuit design also makes the DTR1+ dynamic performance even better.

In terms of appearance, based on the original design of the DTR1, the details of the design elements have been further refined and polished. The combination of black and gold makes the DTR1+ more luxurious. The DTR1+ uses a very delicate overall CNC cutting, and the buttons also adopt a super fine brushed metal coating technology, presenting an overall elegant, fine and luxurious flagship look.

If you have been a fan of the DTR1, you probably would not want to miss out on getting this new flagship DAP, the Dethonray Prelude DTR1+. 

You may pre-order one here~

Linsoul Team


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