DUNU FALCON PRO - New Release at Linsoul Audio

DUNU FALCON PRO - New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Sep 25, 2021




DUNU just launched the newly developed FALCON series upgrade model - FALCON PRO.

This time, DUNU integrates the metal processing technology they have accumulated for many years. The cavity of FALCON PRO is made of high-strength stainless steel. After the cavity is formed, high-precision CNC carving is used to ensure a tightly sealed cavity combination, which provides excellent the appearance also provides stable acoustic performance for IEM. In order to achieve a flawless presentation of the perfect combination of the two processes on the same piece of metal, the DUNU team has carried out thousands of sample proofing and attempts. The texture design of the matte area is inspired by luxury leather goods. For this reason, in the manufacturing process of FALCON PRO The high-precision sandblasting and sanding process at a very high cost is used.

In terms of acoustic design, FALCON PRO uses the new generation Eclipse DYNAMIC driver core developed exclusively by DUNU. And a new generation of DLC composite dome diaphragm, polymer flexible independent suspension, toroidal magnetic circuit system, high-tension ultra-fine voice coil. . . The configuration of many flagship IEM is integrated, so that the performance of the Falcon Pro far exceeds its pricing. The unique special dynamic driver with independent internal cavity, combined with stable stainless steel outer cavity and internal sound-absorbing materials, can effectively suppress unwanted clutter reflections and achieve pure sound output.

The magnetic circuit system of the external magnetic ring speaker enables the magnetic flux density to reach 1.6T, ensuring the performance of the full-frequency response of the moving coil unit, greatly optimizing the ease of driving, and enabling FALCON PRO to stably output excellent sound quality on different devices.

FALCON PRO also adopts multi-hole airflow microporous technology. Through 5 air holes distributed in the front and rear cavities, the airflow flux is controlled finely while the air intake is larger, and it is matched with the high-performance new-generation DLC composite dome diaphragm. The dynamic driver realizes more excellent dynamic and low frequency response.


Moreover, FALCON PRO is also equipped with three acoustic nozzles with different diameters/lengths/filters, which are respectively positioned in the "reference level/transparency/ambience enhancement" mode. This is also the first IEM that DUNU has adopted an interchangeable acoustic nozzle design.

If you have been looking for a dynamic driver IEM with a reasonable price, outstanding quality and sound, please don't miss this DUNU FALCON PRO, you can make your order here.

Linsoul Team

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