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GranVia Series Stereo Headphone Upgrade Cable - New Release at Linsoul Audio

by En Deng on Sep 20, 2021


Tripowin GranVia


The GranVia Series is the newly launched upgrade cable for stereo headphone by Tripowin.

Taking the sound quality as the starting point, the high-quality 26 AWG high purity OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) is selected as the cable base for the the GranVia Series, and it combined with a high quality soft, comfortable and durable outer-skin. GranVia Series cables are all hand-made by professionals and braided with a special weaving technique, not only reduces interference and provides the best sound, but also makes it very stylish and exquisite, it will be the best match with your beloved headphone. 

In order to provide a comfortable wearing, GranVia Series specially chooses a unique splitter, which will bring you a light wearing experience.

GranVia provides a variety of mainstream plug series packed with high quality 3.5mm TRS and 2.5mm/ 4.4mm TRRS for music lovers to choose from. Besides, GranVia series provides a big selection of headphone connectors including Sennheiser (HD580/HD600/HD650/HD660S/HD58x/HD6xx, HD700, HD800/HD800S/HD820), HIFIMAN, HarmonicDyne, and many other mainstream stereo headphone brands. Here you can view all available plug types.

Speaking of sound improvement, the overall resolution will be improved, the brightness and energy distribution would become more uniform, and the positioning of the instrument is clearer. The low frequency also appears more powerful and flexible.

If you are tired of ordinary upgrade cables of poor quality and you are still looking for an upgrade cable with a noticeable improvement in sound quality and an outstanding appearance, GranVia is obviously a very good choice.

Linsoul Team

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  • Bilal Bashir
    Jun 22, 2022 at 17:59


    How are you? My name is Bilal, and I am from Zones UK. We are IT resellers and we need Tripowin GranVia in the UK.
    Could you please tell me a channel through which I can buy for our customer?



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