Extending the Legacy: New Release of ThieAudio Legacy 5 In-Ear Monitor (IEM)

Extending the Legacy: New Release of ThieAudio Legacy 5 In-Ear Monitor (IEM)

by En Deng on Sep 18, 2020

New Addition to ThieAudio Legacy Lineup:

ThieAudio Legacy 5 - 1DD + 4BA Hybrid IEM

Riding onto the success of ThieAudio Tribrids - namely the Monarch (1DD + 6BA + 2EST IEM) and Clairvoyance (1DD + 6BA + 2EST IEM), which are priced at $699USD and $729USD respectively on our website, ThieAudio proudly presents their latest ThieAudio Legacy 5, a 1DD + 4BA Hybrid IEM, which has a reasonable price of $249USD. 

Not only does it have an attractive price, the Legacy 5 also has two captivating designs, Blue-Purple and Red/Purple, which reminds one of the Milky Way. Moreover, it comes with two different cable options; a black stock cable which is also used for ThieAudio Legacy 3, and a ThieAudio EST upgrade cable which is sold separately for $69USD. ThieAudio EST upgrade cables come with adapters, and are paired with ThieAudio Monarch and Clairvoyance. 

In terms of tuning, the Legacy 5 follows the footsteps of ThieAudio's Flagship Series earphones, the Monarch and Clairvoyance. The emphasis is placed on delivering a faithful reproduction of the recorded music while trading the pure analytical tonal characteristics for a more pleasing and musical playback.

What are you waiting for? Grab your pair of ThieAudio Legacy 5 here, and share with us your thoughts!  

*Stocks are limited and are replenished in moderate quantities


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