Hidizs Products Now Available on Linsoul Audio

by En Deng on April 08, 2021

"[To] make premium Hi-Fi music players available to the greatest number of people at the most affordable price."

Founded in the early 2009, Hidizs set out to make brilliant products such that music can be heard at its finest. Over the years, the Hidizs team has created many audio gadgets, including portable digital audio players (DAPs), USB DACs, earphones and more. 

Linsoul Audio is finally able to collaborate with Hidizs. The Hidizs MS1-Rainbow, is now available for purchase here. You may also purchase the Hidizs MS2, a 1BA+1DD IEM, priced at $79USD. The Hidizs MS4, a 3BA+1DD model, is also listed for $207USD. Since the MS4 is priced above $199USD, it comes with free DHL Express shipping for many countries. 

For those who are keen in getting a portable audio player that is reasonably priced, you may consider the Hidizs DH80/DH80S, which is $129USD. Both DH80 and DH80S players feature an advanced ES9281C Pro DAC chip from Sabre Technologies, which has more dynamic range, low power consumption, ultra-low distortion, and supports MQA. 

We are glad to have become an official distributor of Hidizs products and we look forward to carrying more items from them in the future. 

Linsoul Team

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by marco d. on May 04, 2021

Devo ancora provare i vostri prodotti, possiedo già un player Hidizis che purtroppo era difettoso….