iBasso DC03 PRO

iBasso DC03 PRO New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Oct 20, 2022

After the success of the previous generation DC03, which was well received by music lovers, iBasso has just launched a new generation of decoding dongle and portable headphone amplifier - iBasso DC03 PRO.

iBasso DC03 PRO

As a new generation upgrade to the DC03, the DC03 PRO builds on the excellent resolution of its predecessor with a further increase in output power and the addition of a high quality KDS crystal, further enhancing the overall performance of the digital audio system. With the dual CS43131 DAC chips, the signal-to-noise ratio is 127dB, the total harmonic distortion plus noise is -114dB, the bottom noise is less than 0.9μV and the output impedance is only 0.12Ω, delivering extremely dark, noise-free and clear sound. 

Finely and professionally tuned by the professional tuning team, the sound performance of the DC03 PRO has also been significantly improved, with details becoming richer and more layered, and with more precise vocal placement, while also creating a better sense of immersion. On top of that, the iBasso DC03 has an output power of 97mW@32Ω,  that is even better than some higher priced HiFi music players, you can use it to push some headphones that requieres a lot of power.

Design-wise, although the body is small, the production process of the DC03 PRO is not at all sloppy. It uses professional CNC technology for public good and is paired with double-sided tempered glass for a more aesthetically pleasing product appearance as well as being lightweight and durable.

To gain wider compatibility, the DC03PRO uses a Type-C interface with a standard UAC2.0 sound card chip, which is not only compatible with most Android phones and tablets on the market, but can also be connected to Apple/Windows computers via a C-A adapter for easy external decoding. Plug and play and enjoy your music anytime, anywhere. It also features an interchangeable cable design for wider adaptation to your need to match different front ends.

On the software side, iBasso has written a custom application code for Android users for precise volume adjustment. We know that the volume of a mobile phone is usually adjusted by a software algorithm and most only offer a range of around 10 levels of adjustment. With this app, your smartphone supports UAC 2.0 volume adjustment, the iBasso UAC App that comes with the iBasso DC03 however offers a total of 64 levels of volume adjustment from 0-63 for better control of the volume level, which is very user-friendly. In addition, the maximum volume can be set and adjusted via the software.

You can order your iBasso DC03 PRO here.

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