Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition New Release at Linsoul Audio

Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Jan 08, 2023

Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition

The Kinera Nanna, once the most acclaimed product in the industry, will soon be available in a special edition tuned in collaboration with legendary audio critic Z Reviews (ZeosPantera): the Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition.

Z Reviews, one of the industry's leading hifi critics, has teamed up with Kinera to upgrade the highly regarded Kinera Nanna, giving it the ultimate form in terms of tuning and technology. The original Nanna is known to be a favourite for its tonal balance and technical strengths. Following the advice of Z Reviews, the new Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition has been re-tuned to incorporate a more powerful bass effect than the original model. With a more powerful dynamic driver, the bass region from 5 to 250Hz has been boosted by 3dB to produce a fuller rumble and powerful bass resonance. This update makes the overall sound of the Nanna fuller, more exciting and engaging to listen to than previous versions.

This update is inspired by home theatre audio and successfully emulates the audio experience and fullness of enjoying music in a professional speaker setup.The Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition features 2 Sonion electrostatic drivers for high fidelity audio resolution from 7kHz to 40kHz. This treble extension significantly enhances audio quality, detail retrieval and acoustic ambience compared to conventional dynamic or balanced armature drivers.

Combined with a highly efficient full-range balanced armature driver, the Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition offers studio-quality audio technology, a high degree of separation between instruments, comprehensive layers of sound, and depth in every note. The new Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition is the one-stop solution for all your Hi-Fi audio needs.

In addition, the Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition comes with an upgraded Hi-Fi modular cable as standard. The cable consists of a double braided 6N silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable with a particularly enhanced strand thickness compared to typical IEM cables. The high conductivity of the strands and the silver plating allow for raw audio transmission without any loss of quality from the source to the IEM. The modular design allows the user to switch the termination between 4.4 mm (balanced), 2.5 mm (balanced) and 3.5 mm (unbalanced) plugs by swapping the ends. This allows your device to be listened to on any audio device at any time.

You can order your Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition Here.

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