QKZ x HBB Khan New Release at Linsoul Audio

QKZ x HBB Khan New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Jan 01, 2023

In this festive occasion we are pleased to introduce the brand new 2 Dynamic Driver in-ear monitor IEM - QKZ x HBB Khan, developed by QKZ Audio in collaboration with our highly respected HBB (HawaiiBadBoy from "Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews").


Khan features a new 10mm bass dynamic driver with double the number and double the power + a 7.8mm mid-high dynamic driver. With two dynamic drivers, Khan sounds better than any ordinary dynamic IEM. This large 10 mm driver it uses contributes to the warm and immersive low-mid frequencies, while the medium 7.8 mm driver adds a more transparent character to the treble section. Whatever your musical taste, be it instrumental or vocal, the Khan is up to the task. 

In addition, thanks to the enhanced audio purity of the LCP liquid crystal composite diaphragm, the Khan is an uncut jade that is completely faithful to its input. In addition, the khan has the advantage of being extremely easy to drive, making it perfect for use with your mobile phone device on the go. Designed with an ergonomic shape and lightweight materials, the Khan uses materials and technology that are unimaginable in its class. 

The fourth generation industrial grade DLP-3D printing technology allows for more precise acoustic ducting. Combined with a specially designed metal grid and double vents for pressure relief, the Khan will filter out unwanted noise and clean up your audio. In addition, the high-tech style case is engraved with dragon scales and covered in resin to give the khan a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.

You can order your QKZ x HBB Khan  here.

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