Kiwi Ears Quintet In-Ear Monitor Newly Released at Linsoul Audio

Kiwi Ears Quintet In-Ear Monitor Newly Released at Linsoul Audio

by LBrian on Jun 27, 2023

Kiwi Ears Quintet, the latest product from Kiwi Ears, is a 4-in-1 in-ear monitor.

Quintet inherits the excellent genes of Kiwi Ears. The ergonomic shape makes it more comfortable to wear, the light weight reduces the burden of wearing, and the frosted metal back cover and delicate 3D printed shell bring you a smooth touch experience. The two ventilation holes above the headphones can balance the internal and external air pressure, which makes the sound clearer and reduces the impact on ear pressure.

The sound of the Kiwi Ears Quintet is very detailed and layered, this is because it is loaded with four different types of drivers. It has a very stable low-mid frequency and a wide sound. The addition of a piezoelectric bone conductor brings a new way of sound delivery. Quintet can switch from low to mid frequencies naturally. Meanwhile, the high frequencies sound powerful and not harsh.

The Kiwi Ears Quintet utilizes 4 different types of drivers, consisting of 1 Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) dynamic driver, 2 balanced armature (BA) drivers, 1 planar magnetic driver, and 1 piezoelectric (PZT) bone conductor. With a total of 5 drivers per ear, the Quintet delivers extremely high-resolution audio comparable to professional studio monitors. A large 10mm DLC driver was selected as the sub-woofer due to DLC’s high responsiveness and tensile strength, which pumps out impactful bass slams, but with fast decay speeds. 2 Knowles balanced armature drivers deliver natural and resolving mids, a classic example of why balanced armatures are beloved in the industry.

You can order your Kiwi Ears Quintet.

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