Linsoul Best Spring Deals 2022

Linsoul Best Spring Deals 2022

by En Deng on Mar 22, 2022

Greetings everyone. 

Without realizing it, spring has come to us. Spring is a season full of energy and hope. The grass is sprouting, flowers are blooming, and hibernating animals are waking up, everything is a fresh start. With a blessed heart, Linsoul is now presenting you our Spring Deals! The event will be held from 28th March - 1st April, 2022 (GMT+8). This is a great opportunity to find deals on various HiFi products. May all of you enjoy great music and spring ahead for this season!

Pre-sale Events
Our Spring Giveaway and Linsoul Super VIP (LSVIP) campaigns have started. Those who are keen to participate and find out more may visit our webpage here~

Spring Sale Promotional Prices
During our sale period, get up to 10% off on many products available on Products with promotional prices would be discounted during the sale period. Simply add your items to cart, checkout and you are good to go!

Not to forget, you may also stand a chance to win discount codes via our Lucky Draw Spinning Wheel, which will be available on during our sale period! Best of luck to you~

Spring Sale Special Boxes
Spring is the season of plowing, planting a seed, and harvesting something in the fall. However, if you purchase Linsoul’s Spring Special Boxes now, you would not have to wait so long. Enjoy music during this Spring!

Spring Special Box A ($3?.??)
Tripowin TC01 / Tripowin Mele / KZ ZS10 Pro

Spring Special Box B ($2?.??)
Tripowin Leá / BLON BL-Mini / TinHiFi T1 Plus

Note: The Special Box will include one of the products listed under the box name.
All the products in the boxes, including their colors and designs, will be randomly selected by Linsoul team.

Spring Bundle Boxes
a. TRIPOWIN X HBB Olina + Tripowin Grace 2-pin 0.78mm ($9?.??)
b. 7HZ Timeless 3.5mm + Tripowin Petrichor MMCX ($2??)
c. Xenns Mangird Tea2 3.5mm + Kinera Ace 0.78mm 2pin ($3??)
d. BQEYZ Spring2 3.5mm + iBasso DC05 ($1??)

Note: The color of the products for the Bundle Boxes (if applicable) will be randomly selected by Linsoul Team.

- Please note that all orders placed during this Spring Sale period may take longer than usual to process, depending on demand and supply.
- Spring Special/Bundle Boxes are available until they are out of stock.
- The contents, rules and deals of this page can change without prior notice.
- We reserve the right to cancel any orders that try to exploit the coupon/reward system.
- Orders that fail to comply with the requirements will be disqualified from our campaign.
- Shipping options may be limited to Standard or Express, depending on your location.
- For more information on our Shipping FAQs, please visit:
- For more information on our Return and Warranty Policy, please visit:

Thank you all for your support. 

Linsoul Team

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