Zephone - Tiger Planar Diaphragm Driver Headphone New Release on Linsoul Audio

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Zephone Tiger Planar driver Headphone

Zephone has launched a new Over-Ear Headphone with Planar Diaphragm driver- TIGER.

Thanks to its larger planar diaphragm, the sound wave radiation of the Tiger is optimized. This design has excellent magnetic energy and minimal distortion rate, and the overall consistency of the sound is very good.

The music comes out of the Tiger is nature, authentic and similar to the long-distance listening, with an advanced the overall listening experience, the sound is balanced and natural, and the resolution is very good.

The high frequency can be extended to 40kHz, making the high frequency bright, clear and slender, thus eliminating the sense of oppression and harshness; the vocals are natural, and the bass is thick without losing depth and elasticity.

The metal part of the earphone is processed by high-precision CNC, and the size and position of each hole have been repeatedly scrutinized and accurately positioned. The same frequency vibration in the same stroke ensures the consistency of production and the consistency of the sense of hearing of each pair of headphones.

The default high-quality copper wire ensures the perfect presentation of the sound, and the texture is also very good, and it is not easy to get tangled and knotted.The packaging uses a delicate wooden box, which not only ensures the safety of the headset during transportation, but also enhances the collection value.

Your can order your Zephone headphone Here.

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