Linsoul Mid-Autumn and National Day Giveaway Results


Greetings everyone!

Time sure flies. How is it October already?

Once again, it is time to announce the winners for our recent Mid-Autumn and National Day Giveaway for the 7HZ Timeless and TinHiFi T2 EVO earphones!

Let's find out who the winners are for this Giveaway! As usual, they were randomly selected, using a reliable generator ( Congratulations to the three lucky winners~

Linsoul Mid-Autumn and National Day Giveaway

Steps For Winners:
- Please contact us ( using the e-mail address that you have registered for the Mid-Autumn and National Day Giveaway
- The prize is valid for 14 days after this announcement has been made, and should be claimed within the stated timeline
- The design of the prize is random 
- Warranty for prize items is covered only for defectiveness upon delivery
- All impersonation e-mails will be ignored

Thank you all for your participation and support. 

If you did not win this round, there will definitely be a chance next time. 

You may leave a comment below to suggest a product that you would like us to have for our next Giveaway~

Have a restful weekend ahead.

Linsoul Team


  • Posted on by Kevin Lim

    I would like to see the Mangird Tea being offered in the next giveaway

  • Posted on by Cody Preece

    Holy crap!! Guess I can’t say I’ve never won anything before now lmao! Thank you Linsoul <3

  • Posted on by Sebastian

    Congratulations you winners!

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