Linsoul World Cup Guessing Giveaway

Linsoul World Cup Guessing Givaway

FIFA World Cup is taking place in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December 2022. Are you as excited about this event as Linsoul is? Yes, we are just as curious as you are about who will win this match!
Now we are holding a Linosul World Cup Guessing Giveaway, with great prizes you will definitely be interested in!

Linsoul World Cup Guessing Giveaway Period: 2022.11.22-2022.12.17 (GTM+8)
How to participate?
1. Leave a "World Cup 2022" comment on the "Linsoul World Cup Guessing Giveaway" post on our social media accounts.
⚽Comment on Facebook:

⚽Comment on Instagram:
⚽Comment on Twitter:
2. Comment your prediction of the first three winners in this blog post before the start of Final Result of FIFA World Cup, and those who guess the champion, runner-up, and 3rd place right will win the prizes.

The event will be divided into four stages, and you will get different prizes for guessing at different time stages! The earlier you guess the right answers, the more generous the prizes are!!!
1) 2022.11.22 - 2022.11.27 00:00:00(GTM+8): $20 Discount Code and Kiwi Ears Cadenza
2) 2022.11.28 - 2022.12.03 00:00:00(GTM+8): $15 Discount Code
3) 2022.12.04 - 2022.12.10 00:00:00(GTM+8): $10 Discount Code
4) 2022.12.11 - 2022.12.17 00:00:00(GTM+8): $5 Discount Code

- One person can only comment once, as one person commented multiple times, the first comment results shall prevail.
The guessing activity will end after the World Cup match results are announced.
For verification purposes, if you win the prize, please contact us ( within 3 days, using the e-mail address that you used to participate in our guessing activity and attach a screenshot of your comment.
- Minimum spending of $10 is required for the $5 Linsoul discount codes.
- Minimum spending of $20 is required for the $10 Linsoul discount codes.
- Minimum spending of $30 is required for the $15 Linsoul discount codes.
- Minimum spending of $40 is required for the $20 Linsoul discount codes.
- Users are not allowed to apply the winning Gift Card with other Gift Cards.
- The codes will be sent within 7 working days after the giveaway ends. Validity period for the Linsoul discount codes is 1 months from the date of issue. 
The final interpretation right belongs to Linsoul, Linsoul reserves all rights.

✨Tell your friends to join the guessing activity and help us spread the word to win the amazing prizes!


  • Posted on by Kareena

    Greetings everyone!

    Thank you so much for participating in this giveaway. The top three winners of this FIFA World Cup are Argentina, France, and Croatia. We have selected the winner and sent the prize. Congratulations to Rico J!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Linsoul Team

  • Posted on by Andreas Puji

    1. Argentina
    2. France
    3. Marocco

  • Posted on by Kareem Boukari
    World Cup 2022

    1. France
    2. Argentina
    3. Morocco

  • Posted on by Rico J

    1) Argentina
    2) France
    3) Croatia

  • Posted on by MERRICK YAP

    World Cup 2022
    1st – Portugal
    2nd – Brazil
    3rd – France

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