Kiwi Ears Cadenza

10mm Beryllium Dynamic Driver IEM

$31.49 USD $34.99 USD
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Product Features

The Best Driver, Made Available for All. 10mm Beryllium diaphragm driver

Custom designed 3D printed housing structure for Audiophile Sound Balance

Natural sounding and free of fatigue, but still full of micro-details and full of air.

4-core Braided Copper Cable with a 3.5mm single-ended termination

Of all the materials utilized in the audio industry, Beryllium metal has the greatest tensile strength and surface tension, producing a premium sound often characterized by an incredibly powerful and responsive bass impact, rich mids, and crystal clear trebles. 

Technical Details


10mm Beryllium Dynamic Driver



Frequency Range




Earphone Material

Medical grade resin

Cable Interface




$34.99 USD $31.49 USD

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Brian Morris
Very versatile and top quality sound

This IEM is great as it does very well with phone DAC’s and does scales great with more power if you want. I have great results with various genres of music from jazz, metal, EDM, pop, R&b and many more. Now these aren’t reference IEM’s and I wouldn’t rely on these for mixing or editing. These are just a fun set to have and in my opinion should occupy a place in your collection. For this price it’s worth the blind buy.

Awesome sound for the price

four stars Only because of the color i got the red one and they show it as really good red but in real life it’s just pink before buying the red ones look at my picture if you like it great if not there are 3 other colors. otherwise no complaints i love it it’s my daily driver but please fix the color difference.

Oscar Choi
Great sound

Amazing bass, quite metallic and recessed vocals, but after some eq it sounds perfect. Outer resin shell easily feels like it is worth a couple hundred dollars more. Very comfortable sound signature for me and can wear for hours. Details are there but not amazing, it feels as good as the truthear 0’s for a cheaper price.

Greg Sequeira
Simply enjoyable

This Cadenza , presents with a good lower end response not over done it has good speed and mids and treble are neutral, the tonality is mature , smooth with details. Imaging and soundstage are also good. This is a great choice, because it goes well with various types of music.

Max Linde Jarl
Great Budget IEM

Good budget IEM. I've not much to complain about. They look great and sound great. Box is also great. The one complaint would be about the tips. Did not like them at all. Went and got replacement for them, which improved the sound and comfort greatly. Wasn't sure about them at first, but the change of tips changed them to great for me.

Budget killer from the shadows

Warm and smooth sound, just get a vibe and pleasant emotions when listening to them, see the review on my YouTube channel. YouTube video placeholder
Javier Prado
beautiful very comfortable

these are beautiful very and light and comfortable. Sound is very pleasant , good resolution and not fatiguing. My only complaint is the color selection is a bit confusing, why perlude, verse solo and chorus when the selection in the box is blue, red, green and purple. I wanted the blue set and selected perlude but got the purple one instead

Hans Kristian Jakobsen
Never arrived

The Headphones never arrived. So this is more of a review of the seller. My order never arrived, and Linsoul refused to refund my money. Not cool…..

Hi there,

The logistics provider replied that your package has been destroyed by the local logistics provider because no one has claimed it.

We are sorry that this situation is not within the scope of our compensation.

We sincerely seek your understanding in this. 

Rajit Shankar Ghosh
Looks as elegant as it sounds.

My first pair from Kiwi Ears and the Cadenza is simply beautiful to look at and sounds just as smooth.
No exaggerated highs,no hollow vocals and no overwhelming bass.
Just the right amount of everything.
Really good for someone wanting to get their first pair of IEMs. YouTube video placeholder
Ian Arduini
Great at 35

Really great budget set all round, really good tuning and solid technicalities.

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