RAPTGO x HBB Hook-X New Release at Linsoul Audio

RAPTGO x HBB Hook-X New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Nov 04, 2022

The RAPTGO Hook-X has been well received by music enthusiasts and professionals since its launch. This time we are pleased to present the RAPTGO's brand new version of the beloved Hook-X, RAPTGO invited "Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews" (also known as Hawaian Bad Boy), one of the legendary audio critics in the audiophile community, to collaborate with them to launch this brand new - RAPTGO x HBB Hook-X, with the aim of upgrade the previous successful-Hook-X to get a higher level of perfect sound.


To obtain greater resolution and sound dynamics, the new Hook-X increases the size of the ultra-strong magnetic application to optimize the magnetic circuit with a 7*2 dual-array N52 magnetic circuit design. A thinner diaphragm is used for better low frequency dive and richer dynamics. Combined with HBB's years of experience with thousands of HiFi audio products, the new Hook-X is sure to bring a new storm to the world of hybrid driver.

The new Hook-X follows in the footsteps of its predecessor with a hybrid in-ear monitor design that combines planar magnetic drivers with piezoelectric (PZT) drivers. These two driver types are among the most compelling driver technologies in the audio industry, and have never been used together in the IEM format. Planar magnetic drivers use a thin ribbon suspended between two powerful magnets through which the current passes. The advantage of planar magnetic drivers over dynamic or balanced armature drivers is their extremely low mass and strong magnetic field, resulting in extremely high responsiveness.

RAPTGO manufacture their own large 14.2 mm planar driver, driven by powerful N52 magnets. The precision of this driver allows an incredibly powerful and impactful bass response, as the ribbon is more responsive to transient signals. In addition, the entire frequency range is effectively extended from 20Hz to 40kHz to produce a treble response previously unavailable in IEMs. The internal enclosure construction design and acoustic damping system have been carefully designed to achieve balanced target tuning, a rarity in IEMs using planar magnetic drivers. For tuning and acoustic characteristics, the new Hook-X features an open design. This allows the greatest amount of airflow to accentuate the characteristics of the planar magnetic driver. In addition, this opportunity opens up the soundstage compared to typical IEMs, mimicking the openness and realistic playback of open planar headphones.

Finally, the rear-opening design reduces hearing fatigue by preventing pressure buildup in the ear. the Hook-X's housing was designed with software after extensive simulation experiments to match the typical ear angle and wearing experience. Each unit is made from high-precision 5-axis CNC to ensure uniformity of the sound chamber. From housing design to driver assembly, every aspect of the Hook-X demonstrates craftsmanship, engineering prowess and acoustic taste.

The new Hook-X features an optimized modular connector cable terminated to a 0.78mm 2-pin jack. This means you can simply swap the connector between the 4.4 mm and 2.5 mm balanced jacks and the 3.5 mm unbalanced jack for use with any of your equipment.


You can order your RAPTGO x HBB Hook-X from here.

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