Shanling Products' spare parts are available for purchase at Linsoul Audio now. Do contact us to enquire more.

Shanling Audio Product Replacement Parts Availability At Linsoul Audio

by En Deng on Sep 21, 2022

Greetings everyone. 

We hope you have been well. 

Linsoul has been an official dealer of Shanling products for quite some time and we would like to make an announcement regarding their latest services offered.

The list of Shanling products available at Linsoul can be found here. If you would like to purchase additional replacement parts for your Shanling products purchased from Linsoul or elsewhere, you may now reach out to us for the quotation fees. Our e-mail address is 

With this additional option available, Shanling customers would be able to purchase spare parts for their Shanling products, and change them on their own if they have the expertise, or contact the Shanling Audio customer support for any further assistance.

We hope that this would be more convenient for all Shanling users throughout the world. 

Linsoul Team

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