THIEAUDIO Elixir and RAPTGO HOOK-X Giveaway Results


Greetings everyone.

We hope you have been well.

The winners for our recent Giveaways have been selected. For those who have not seen the results for the RAPTGO HOOK-X Giveaway, please view the page here. As for the THIEAUDIO Elixir Giveaway results, please check the details here. Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

Steps for winners:
- For verification purposes, please contact us ( using the e-mail address that you used to participate in our Giveaways
- The prize is valid for 14 days after this announcement has been made, and should be claimed within the stated timeline
- All impersonation e-mails will be ignored

Thank you to all participants. There will definitely be more upcoming Giveaways. 

Linsoul Team

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