The 11.11 Linsoul Sales Event

by Jessie Lee on November 01, 2019

We are so thankful for the support from our customers and fans this year. To share our gratitude, we are launching a one-day only exclusive sales event!

From discounts and raffles to even a chance to get your order for free, now is the best time to make your Hi-Fi dreams a reality.

11.11 Lucky Number Lottery

Once your order is generated you will receive your order number at your email. Depending on your the last digit of your order you can win different prizes.

  • If your order number ends with a “1”, you will get one TENHZ P4 PRO for free.
  • If your order number ends with a “3”, your purchase is on us!

  • If your order number ends with a “5”, you will get $30 store credit for your next purchase.

  • If your order number ends with a “7”, you can exchange one of the items in your order with another product that is up to $100 higher in value.
  • If your order number ends with a “9”, you will automatically be entered into the iBasso DX160 player raffle list. 

Free Cable Updgrade

Purchase an Earphone worth of $200 or more and get a free Tripowin C8 cable!

Storewide Discounts

Get 10% off on most products, including Fearless Audio products. Some product are up to 50% off discount. Items inapplicable for 10% off are: all Aune products, iBasso DX220, Fiio products, Shanling products.

Additional Details

* For orders that finish in the digit 3: Your order will be manually refunded the next day.

** For orders that finish in the digit 7: Contact us at or in the linsoul discord channel to let us know which item you want to upgrade for one of up to $100 more in value.

*** For orders that finish in the digit 9: You will automatically enter a raffle to win a iBasso DX160. The winner will be determined at a later date.

  • Only the first order per person on the date November 11, 2019 ( Chinese Standard Time) will be valid to participate in this Lottery.
  • A Valid Identification that matches the order name might be required by the Linsoul team to make the prize valid.
  • Anyone who is found cheating the system will be automatically disqualified from participating.
  • Only orders bought through the store apply for this lottery
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by Jarosław Baster on January 24, 2020

Today I received an order that was to be upgraded by $ 100. Unfortunately, despite sending several suggestions by email, I didn’t get anything. Only in the email I received information that I would pay $ 121 to upgrade. So this lottery is a scam

by Nikhil Chaudhary on November 30, 2019

Love lunsinsoul tech

by Marc on November 30, 2019

Please be aware that if you used a coupon code on your order, it will not be eligible to the lottery.

by Jeff on November 30, 2019

My order number ends in a 1! I can’t wait to see how these TENHZ P4 Pros sound!

by Jarek on November 30, 2019

my order today ends at 7, how do I replace one of the items?

by Daniel on November 30, 2019

Are the t4 indiegogo orders included in this event?

by peter lindemann on November 30, 2019

today is 11.11.
how can i order tinfi T4?
i cannot find it in online shop and also not in amazon

thanks f. answer best regards

by Rajaekhar Addanki on November 30, 2019

My order ended with 3 for the purchase I did today, when would I get the 30$ in my credit? I am planning to purchase another product.

by Thomas Glassner on November 11, 2019

I love these IE!M’s 1-3 are great!

by Javier Christe on November 11, 2019

bring it on!

by Erik on November 10, 2019

Hello Linsoul when is the Tin Audio T4 release Date and your Sale on 11/11 is that Date in The United States or China Date Thank you