Black Friday Sale


Get the best value for money with our Black Friday Gift Cards

These Gift cards are only available to buy (until Nov. 28, 23:59 UTC +08:00) and use from November 28th (Black Friday) until December 2th (Cyber Monday Dec. 02, 23:59 UTC +08:00).

  • $100.00 usd Gift card at for only $50.00 usd (Only 20 Available)
  • $20.00 usd Gift Cards for only $15.00 usd

Only one gift-card per customer, we reserve the right to deny the use of a gift-card if we detect any attempts to cheat the system.


  • Posted on by Rodney Markiewicz

    I want to buy a few things and have spent 2hrs trying to figure out how to get anything on sale. I also can’t figure out how to use my 20 dollar indigo purchase of tinp4. Please help, I am gonna miss the sale 😢

  • Posted on by Lillian

    Guys, you can find the deal on this link:

  • Posted on by James Griffith
    I don’t understand how to order packages. It’s certainly not obvious.
  • Posted on by Ted

    How do I access the package sale links?

  • Posted on by Osman Ustabas

    How can I buy gift card ?

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