The Most Worth Buying HIFI Dongles in 2022 - Linsoul Recommendations

The Most Worth Buying HIFI Dongles in 2022 - Linsoul Recommendations

by Osamu Kann on Jan 06, 2022

 Linsoul Dongle Recommendations

Due to the rise of Hires online music playback platforms such as Apple Music Hires/ Tidal, dongle products with Hi-res decoding function have gradually become one of the must-haves of portable HIFI.

Today we will recommend some excellent dongle products that we think are worth buying in 2022.


Shangling UA1 Pro - $49.00 USD

Shangling UA1 pro uses ES9219C as DAC and supports a maximum output of 80mW@32Ω. The sound quality of the UA1 Pro is excellent in resolution, while the sound is full,  the separation is obvious and clear. And it has excellent response speed and fast dynamic performance. In terms of  energy distribution, it is more concentrated in the middle and low frequencies, which is very suitable for daily use with your mobile phones to enjoy POP music.


Shangling UA2 - $85.00 USD

UA2 uses ES9038Q2M as the DAC, which can support up to 32bit/768kHz PCM audio and DSD512 digital audio, and has both single-ended and balanced output interfaces. It is worth considering for music lovers who pursue high sound quality. In addition, for Apple users who want to use UA2, you can also purchase an Apple-matched cable to enjoy the high sound quality of Apple Music.


iBasso DC 05 - $69.99 USD

DC05 uses two ES9219C high-performance decoding chips, with good power consumption control and measured indicators. The use of dual DACs guarantees its excellent sound performance.

The DC05 is has a powerful output, reaching 140mW@16Ω, 93mW@32Ω, which can easily cope with most of the mainstream IEMs/headphones. It is worth mentioning that for the first time, DC05 uses the NDK femtosecond crystal oscillator on the decoding amp line, which can effectively reduce the phase noise, and the sound is clean and transparent.

Due to the excellent output power of the DC05, it is difficult to precisely adjust the volume control of an ordinary mobile phone. Therefore, you can download the matching iBasso UAC APP to achieve 64-level hardware volume adjustment.


ACMEE Magic Sound VI - $109.00 USD

ACMEE Magic Sound VI is a HiFi Headphone Amplifier with AK4493EQ (768K/32Bit) DAC, Aluminum Casing, Supreme Material, Excellent Decoding Technology, Multiple Choices Available, Symmetrical Left And Right Channel, Balanced Output.

The Magic Sound VI headphone amplifier not only adopts high quality aluminum material for casing but also inherits the exquisite sandblasting workmanship and deep blue color scheme of the previous model-MF02S. In total, Magic sound 4 has 7 power supply chips in its small body. For audio power supply, it adopts ±5.5V boost and ±4.8V ultra-low noise LDO design, which effectively reduces power supply noise. The power supply of left and right DAC sound track are separated, adopting two 4.8V ultra-low noise LDO power supplies to improve the separation degree of left and right sound track (Note: For the ESS version of the DAC, two 3.3V LDO power supplies are also used). Plus the 3.3V power supply and 1.2V power supply for the digital circuit.


Audirect Beam 3 pro -  $149.99 USD

The shell material of the Beam 3 pro is AG glass, the edges and corners are polished smoothly, the surface has a strong sense of damping, and it has a good anti-fingerprint effect. Audirect Beam 3 pro is lightweight, only about 17g, it is very convenient to carry around.

Beam 3 pro equipped with ESS professional audio DAC chip ES9281AC, with strong decoding ability. Support DSD512 hardware decoding, PCM supports up to 32bti/768kHz. With dual op amp chips, provides a powerful output power of 150mW @32 ohms, combined with the high-performance control of Beam3 pro, the small size design can be delicate and surging.  Meanwhile, three gain modes can be adjusted through independent buttons on the body. Beam3 pro also supports the MQA renderer, expand the third layer of MQA audio files, and listen to the original mastering sound! Restore the real and full details of music.


Audirect Atom2 - $79.99 USD

Audirect Atom2  uses an integrated plug design, which is directly plugged into the mobile phone, it is very convenient.

In addition, the decoding chip has also been upgraded, using the latest generation of ES9281AC PRO produced by ESS. Although it is small in size, it can support 32bit/768kHz and native DSD512. The output power reaches 70mW @ 32 ohm.


Xuelin H7 - $175.99 USD

As the largest portable dongle recommended today, Xuelin H7 is clearly moving towards a higher goal. Its size is already close to the volume of a small traditional portable DAC/AMP, regardless of its internal circuit design, or the chip selection, there is more design space, laying a better foundation for excellent sound.

Xuelin H7 uses two ES9038Q2M DAC chips,LPF Op-Amp: SoundPlus Precision Sound Release OPA2134. Provides three levels of gain adjustment and High gain power reaches 154mW@300 Ohm (3.5mm SE), 598mw (2.5mm Balanced)

This Xuelin H7 even has enough qualities and capabilities to be on par with many Hires music players on the market.


Moreover, we also recommend a series of donggles from DDHIFI which are light, exquisite and excellent in sound:

DDHIFI TC44A - $79.99 USD  

DDHIFI TC44A HiFi Audio Adapter Converter with 4.4mm Plug for iPhone , iPad, iPod. Adopts CS43131 DAC chip. T-shaped OTG Plug, Durable and Stable

DDHIFI TC35B/TC35I - $42.00 USD

DDHIFI TC35B/TC35I 3.5mm Plug Adapter Stereo Converter For Type-C or iPhone, iPad, iPod, up to 32Bit/384kHz of PCM Sample Rated Supported. Automatically Detect And Recognize; Support CTIA Stanard Earphone; Wide Application for Android mobile phone Huawei Xiaomi OPPO VIVO SAMSUNG etc.

DDHIFI TC35C - $59.99 USD

DDHIFI TC35C HiFi Audio Adapter Converter with 3.5mm Plug for iPhone , iPad, iPod. Adopts Realteck ALC5686 DAC chip; T-shaped OTG Plug, Durable and Stable; CNC Aluminum Alloy Case.

DDHIFI TC35i 2022 - $49.99 USD

DDHIFI TC35i 2022  2022 Updated Version 3.5mm Plug Adapter Stereo Converter for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Designed With A Vertical Socket; Integrated DAC Chip, Supports Up To 24-bit 48khz Lossless Decoding; Compact and Power-saving Device; Aluminum Alloy Cas; Aluminum Alloy Case.

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