Tripowin Leá New Release on Linsoul Audio

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Tripowin Leá

At the beginning of 2022, Tripowin brought us their brand new 10mm liquid crystal polymer/LCP dynamic driver IEM- Leá.

Leá uses an all-metal shell design, and its dark appearance is just like the original meaning of its name in Hebrew, showing strength and vitality.

Like many well-known dynamic driver IEMs in 2021, Leá, which uses the latest technology of 10mm liquid crystal polymer/LCP dynamic drivers, has an outstanding sound performance that far exceeds its price.

The presentation of the sound is natural and agile, and the sound performance of each frequency is very balanced.

Meanwhile, through the unique cavity structure design and the modification of the sound tube, the soundstage of Leȧ has been greatly improved horizontally and vertically.

The newly upgraded silver-plated OFC copper cable will also guarantee Leȧ's excellent sound presentation.

You can order your Tripowin Leá here.

Tripowin Leá

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  • Posted on by Olivier Gibeault

    Hope you put better filters on them than you used on the mele. The fact that we need to buy filters and change them ourselves means you guys screwed up when you chose the filters for it. I found a solution and love my Mele but they shouldn’t have had this issue in the first place as we see on different forums.

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