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THIEAUDIO Elixir New Release on Linsoul Audio

by En Deng on Apr 29, 2022

The dynamic driver, as we all know, is the most classic loudspeaker design and is renowned for its wide frequency response range and great low frequency performance. It's worth pointing out that to make a dynamic driver iem of the highest quality and sound, the materials used in the unit and the brand's mature tuning standards are extremely demanding. To achieve this goal, Thieaudio has been working on a project to find the best materials and tuning standards in order to bring the perfect dynamic driver to dynamic driver enthusiasts. Today we are proud to present the first dynamic driver iem from Thieaudio - Elixir.

Elixir uses a newly developed, extremely high quality dynamic driver, which is designed to accurately convey the spirit and emotion of the music, while perfectly rendering the original recording. The latest driver innovations and acoustic engineering strategies have made possible incredible audio resolution that resonates with an analog texture unique only to the playback from the Elixir. A completely innovative driver unique from traditional dynamic drivers, the 3D Velocity Transducer diaphragm is composed of beryllium-coated interweaving layers of multi-walled carbon nanotube sheets, which creates an extremely dense and rigid membrane capable of higher tensions and resulting in more responsiveness. At the same time, the use of stronger pole magnets and all-copper voice coils makes Elixir even more special and musical in its sound presentation, bringing not only great audio resolution but transparently revealing the nuances within each note. In addition, these uncompromising driver components impart a texture in the sound that is completely unique in typical in-ear headphones and can only be described as vintage and analogue.

The Elixir's chamber has been specially tuned to match the new unit to ensure the best possible acoustic performance. The cavity is ergonomically shaped, smooth and comfortable to wear. The hand-crafted panels are milled from a limited number of solid, genuine knotty wood blocks and coated before being inserted into the aluminium bezel, which is beautifully anodised to ensure that the colour does not peel or fade over time. It looks as elegant as a work of art and will show off your taste.

Elixir's sound will be more suited to a luxury listening experience than a stage performance monitoring and will be the ultimate audiophile's dream for a personal vintage sound system. Its natural and balanced tuning brings out the perfect amount of detail and resolution while avoiding any harsh metallic tones. The treble is smooth and precise; the midrange is balanced and neutral, with a certain warmth that brings out the richness of emotion and vintage charm; the new sturdy cone gives the bass a fast and powerful presentation, and the bass is extremely well textured, and you will feel its incredible accuracy and power whenever bass concentration is needed. Not only will it make your favourite hip-hop and EDM music shine, but you'll also be able to immerse yourself in your favourite movie soundtracks and classical music.

The Elixir comes with a high quality 2 core of 92 wires 0.06mm Single-Crystal Copper and 24 wires 0.06mm Silver-Plated OCC Copper Litz upgrade cable. This stock cable has a 3.5mm single-ended cable termination. Additionally, having the 0.78mm 2-pin connectors means that the cable can be detached and changed to fit your needs. Hand paired specifically for the Elixir, the stock cable perfectly complements the aesthetic and sonic pleasures of the IEM.

Your can preorder your Elixir Here.

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