THIEAUDIO GHOST - Reference Tuning Dynamic Driver Headphones New Release at Linsoul Audio

THIEAUDIO GHOST - Reference Tuning Dynamic Driver Headphones New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Mar 13, 2023

Thieaudio Ghost

We are pleased to introduce you to the brand new Reference Tuning Dynamic Driver Headphones - THIEAUDIO GHOST.

The GHOST uses a newly developed 40mm sapphire dynamic driver. The driver is based on a new diaphragm consisting of a cermet (ceramic-metal composite) layered on top of a thermoplastic polymer film stabiliser. After several composition tests, the Thieaudio R&D team chose a specific mixture of titanium alloy and polymer ceramic oxide for the metal-ceramic, which was then coated by magnetron sputtering. Qualitative listening is characterised by the extremely high responsiveness and transients, clarity and bass power of the sapphire dynamic driver. In order to provide sufficient magnetic flux across the diaphragm, GHOST employs powerful N52 magnets. A central goal of the GHOST project was to provide as natural a sound as possible in a headphone environment. To achieve this, an open headphone design was chosen. The open design allows natural airflow through the outer sound chamber of the driver. This provides greater drive for the driver and peripheral perception for the listener. The GHOST 's open design provides realistic staging for each track and successfully emulates the full audio experience of listening to stereo speakers.

GHOST sets a new precedent in audio engineering for headphones at Thieaudio. Our primary goal for the GHOST project was to redefine the tonal balance of headphones and match it with uncompromising audio quality. To achieve this, we completely redesigned the acoustic airflow of the dynamic drivers and their acoustic chambers to finely tune the pressure on the diaphragm. After countless minor acoustic tuning modifications, we achieved a tonal balance that perfectly matches the perceived hearing of the human ear at every frequency interval. Of particular note is the fact that the GHOST 's tuning has been calibrated to match the acoustics of the human ear's pinna and pinna. This provides a vibrant and crisp bite to each instrument and vocal note, without any harshness or sharpness. The midrange has been tuned to be natural, but not sterile. Our careful engineering has achieved a slightly warmer texture and fullness to the body of the instruments and the fullness of the vocals, while keeping the mids free from any signs of swelling or muddiness. Bass is rich, but not overpowering in order to maintain a natural tonal balance. For users who want a bass-oriented sound, simply replacing the thicker ear cushions will provide all the bass they want. This brings incredible versatility to the GHOST, presenting a professional natural tuning with the option of occasionally providing an interesting and powerful bass sound.

 You can order your THIEAUDIO GHOST here.

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