Shanling UA3

Portable Headphone Amplifier USB DAC/AMP

    Brand new AKM AK4493SEQ DAC Chipset & Dual Ricore RT6963 Amplification chip
    High Compatibility
    3.5mm Single-ended & 4.4mm Balanced Outputs
    Extra Low Noise
    Tiny Footprint, Huge Power
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Brand new AKM AK4493SEQ DAC Chipset & Dual Ricore RT6963 Amplification chip

For many years, AKM DACs were the core part of Shanling’s audio designs, as they played a crucial role in delivering our house sound to all our fans. But following the fire at AKM’s factory in 2020, we had to look for alternative solutions, being unsure about the AKM’s future. It affected most of our releases in 2021, but we managed to transition successfully, keeping the strict Hi-Fi standards we have been building up for past 34 years. In early 2022, AKM relaunched their line of DACs and we immediately started working on new designs, diving into the possibilities of this updated generation of DACs. UA3 is first of these designs, utilizing a freshly released AK4493SEQ DAC, for the first time bringing the sound of AKM into our UA line of portable DAC/AMPs. Shanling UA3 features a premium dual DAC chipset housing brand new AKM AK4493SEQ DAC chips and two dedicated Ricore RT6963 amplification chip. It is offering quality high-resolution signal decoding with ultra-low distortion and high SNR ratings. Users get to experience a transparent and clean sound performance with the Shanling UA3. Hi-Res support up to 32bit / 768khz and DSD512.

High Compatibility

Compatible with Android, Windows, Mac and iOS. Special lightning cable needed for use with iOS. UAC2.0 and UAC1.0 mode compatible, for use with a Nintendo Switch and other gaming systems or older devices.

3.5mm Single-ended & 4.4mm Balanced Outputs

UA3 builds upon the popular UA2, but takes over some features from the UA5. Balanced output is now using a more robust 4.4mm connector, we added hardware buttons for volume or playback control and the power output was improved to match the UA5. Doesn’t matter whether you need a balanced 4.4mm connection or a single-ended 3.5mm headphone output port, Shanling has equipped the UA3 with them. Pair your headphones or earphones with your choice of termination option. UA3 has a rated output power rating of Up to 211mW @ 32 Ohm output power, more than enough to power your headphones with ease.

Extra Low Noise

By using a Low-dropout regulator, we managed to control overall levels of a background noise, keeping the sound clear and without any unwanted noise or hiss. ideal for even the most sensitive earphones.

Tiny Footprint, Huge Power

What good is a portable music player if it can’t fit in your pocket? The Shanling UA3 is designed so you can take it anywhere and everywhere! It can fit in any pocket, and you won’t ever have to think twice about its size.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Shanling UA3
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Shanling UA3 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

1x USB-C
1x Single-ended Jack 3.5mm
1x Balanced Jack 4.4mm
DAC Chip
Amplification chip
Dual Ricore RT6963
Output power
Up to 211mW @ 32 Ohm
Supported sampling rates
PCM up to 32bit 768kHz
DSD up to DSD512
OS Compatibility
UAC Support
UAC 2.0
UAC 1.0

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pavel Granovskii
Shanling UA3 - rich and solid sound

Thats a five star product. I've tried before:
KA1, KA5 and stopped on UA3. And I'm very happy with it. It costs it's money.
Thats a very nice device - especially in terms of sound. UA3 sounds right. With good amount of everything. I can say it sounds reach and solid. Maybe it's not fastest attack in the world but it's very confident and balanced.

The guy which wrote that he didn't heard the difference between UA3 and stock apple dongle. It's a joke ?! maybe he had a wrong IEM's or smth with his ears. He need to check the source of music as well. The difference in sound is huge! UA3 is great dongle. It has everything i need: hardware volume control. play\pause. gain switch.
few cons i've noticed after 2 months of using : it can catch the noise from cellular. But it's easy to avoid. switch to Wifi or flight mode.
It can be warm when using with iphone.
as well as shanling otg-lightning cable in place of connector can be hot. I was slightly disappointed about that.
I assume that every dongle will be hot with lightning connections.
It's some problems with power on apple lightning standard i suppose.
Everything is fine when using Type-c cable.
Nevertheless I like the sound. it's not a cheap. It's like a mature Hi-Fi sound.

Excellent features and power for an affordable price

Bought it from eBay. It has excellent features and output power for only $109!

It's much louder than internal sound cards in phones and computers. And it supports extreme hi-res formats as well as UAC 1.0 mode for older devices and Switch.

The addition of a 4.4 mm output is also a plus.

With internal sound cards, a limiter is a must when using ATH-M50x (38 ohm impedance) if you want louder volumes with greatly increased bass through the music player and sound effect apps. And the ATH-M50x, despite low enough impedance for usage without this DAC, still needs higher power because it has double the impedance than headphones and earphones commonly have (which is ~16 ohm impedance on average) if you want to increase bass otherwise it clips, and you need to set up a limiter. This is plenty loud for all but the most demanding headphones.

Configured through the Eddict app. Set the buttons to change songs instead of volume and now I don't have to touch my device at all.

The battery drain is excellent - you can squeeze quite a few hours on constant music playback before you need a recharge.

5 stars overall. Don't look further. You won't hear a difference in different DAC/AMPs as they all sound the same basically (attested myself with using my IE 800 S and ATH-M50x and 5 DAC/AMPs). The detachable cable ensures you don't need to replace it if it dies (as that's the way my previous DAC/AMPs died), instead simply buying a spare cable and that's it (you can find cheap short cables on eBay if you look hard enough). You'll find the output power plenty enough. Can't ask more from such a small device at such an affordable price.

Very nice sound

This DAC perform very well.
Balanced, maybe a little on the bright side for my taste, it pairs well with warms IEMs or HPs.


Amazing value! Sounds like a Shanling Dap. Warm neutral, good soundstage.

Bernardo Anaya

Shanling UA3

Shanling UA3 does not work

1. The unit offers zero change / improvement in audio
2. The unit's buttons do not work
3. Linsoul won't address replacement or warranty.
4. Highly recommend you not buy from Linsoul.

Hello there.
Thank you for the review.
When you contacted us via our support e-mail, we requested for a video to find out more about the issue that you were facing, and to clarify this further with the manufacturer if need be.
We also asked you what were the devices used to try out the product with.
However, you did not provide any of that, which is why we are unable to offer a solution.

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