BLON BL05 BL03 Withmic earphone  ultimate audiophile dynamic driver
BLON BL05 BL03 Withmic earphone ultimate audiophile dynamic driver
BLON BL05 BL03 Withmic earphone ultimate audiophile dynamic driver
BLON BL05 BL03 Withmic earphone ultimate audiophile dynamic driver
BLON BL05 BL03 Withmic earphone ultimate audiophile dynamic driver


2nd Generation 10mm CNT Diaphragm HiFi In-ear Earphone

    Redesigned the Carbon Nanotube (CNT) diaphragm
    A new single dynamic driver earphone
    Carved Acoustic Chamber
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The Continuation of a Legend.

Following the global sensation of the Blon BL03, Blon returns with the next iteration of the ultimate audiophile dynamic driver in-ear monitor. After a year of R&D work, the Blon audio engineering team took their previous experience and the numerous customer feedback to design a new single dynamic driver earphone that takes the genre to all new heights.

2nd Generation 10mm CNT Diaphragm.

The BL05 takes from the foundation of its predecessor’s tuning and elevates it to the next level by utilizing the latest in dynamic driver diaphragm technology and design. Blon has redesigned the Carbon Nanotube (CNT) diaphragm with a new carbon network framework that increases the rigidity and speed of the membrane. This second generation CNT driver doesn’t utilize moving parts as do other traditional drivers, but rather uses thermoacoustics to create soundwaves generated by incoming currents through the carbon nanotube

The Journey Continues

The new design is a much faster diaphragm response that is unparalleled among dynamic drivers, with an incredibly low distortion. A noticeably enhanced transient and detail retrieval ensues, along with a more powerful, tigheter, and faster decaying lows. The carbon nanotube further champions over traditional dynamic drivers as its ripples form more cohesive acoustic energy than those produced by a moving membrane. It’s THD response is a clear indicator of this feat, as it is even lower than those of balanced armature drivers. Engineered with an almost entirely linear impedance response, the BL05 puts out a sound that no audiophile can miss out on

Tuned to Perfection.

Compared to its predecessor, the BL05’s tuning features a greater and faster sub-bass kick that coherently transitions into cleaner mid-frequency section. The mids feature an almost-neutral response with just enough warmth to give body and richness to instruments and vocals while maintaining clarity and natural tonality. The trebles were tuned to to be smooth with just enough bite to sharpen the sound without being harsh. With the potential of the new CNT driver design, we mastered its tuning to make full advantage of its capabilities. Turning away from typical “V-shape” tunings, we have achieved a natural presentation of music that is the perfect in-between from neutral studio monitors and bass/treble tunings. It can only be described as a true-audiophile tuning that is enjoyable and pleasant, without the tonal irregularities of typical tuning styles.

Carved Acoustic Chamber.

Blon has spent just as much time in designing the interior acoustic chamber as they did in tunin the new CNT driver. The BL05 interior chamber was carved out to feature an acoustic canal that accurately mirrors the sonic properties that the natural ear picks up in an orchestral hall. By meticulously hand-placing the driver at the precise position in each earphone, the fruit of our efforts can be fully perceived, with an incredibly wide soundstage that reverberates with the natural overtones from the diaphragm. The housing itself is produced in a gunmetal stainless steel housing that is durable and safe for the skin

Inside the Box

  • 1 x BLON BL-05S
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The BLON BL-05S Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Earhook Style
0.78mm 2 Pin
Plug Type
3.5mm L-shaped gold-plated plug
2nd Generation 10mm CNT Diaphragm
Frequency range
Cable length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
The best midrange reproduction of any IEM I heard so far

The CNT driver in the BL-05s has a lot going for it. It has high efficiency, very low THD through the whole spectrum and it sounds rich and detailed. I noticed that there are a few other IEMs that use this driver and they all are much more expensive and mostly very highly regarded. This IEM is a very good value proposition. I use it with some custom EQ and HRTF processing and don't feel the need to look for something better. I sold my Hexa and kept these. Like others said, get good fitting tips and possibly a nicer cable. The nozzles are on the short side, but the shell fits inside the cochlea nicely so they stay put.

Benjamin Chong


Konrad Pfaff


Mark Krueger
Love my new BL05S even more than I love my BL05

When I saw a new version of the BL05 was going to be released, I immediately ordered the BL05S. I’ve been enjoying my BL05 immensely, and liked the idea of having a second pair with some improvements. When they arrived I was not disappointed. They have everything I love about the BL05; extremely balanced and satisfying sound quality throughout the entire frequency range. But the BL05S also seem to have a bit more resolution for female vocals and at higher frequencies. Now I can leave 3.5mm cables connected to my BL05 for on-the-go listening, and leave 2.5mm balanced cables connected to the BL05S for critical listening at home on my balanced DAC/Amp. I also kind of dig the teal color. It’s nice to mix things up a bit :-) The only minor negative is that I’m not a fan of the extra shielding on the included cable where it wraps around your ear. My personal preference is loose wire because it’s more comfortable. No big deal though because I have a wide choice of available cables; which I ordered at the same time. Keep up the great work BLON! Love the incredible quality and value. These are my go-to audiophile IEMs; which is amazing at this price point.

Michael Berger
I am impressed

In my opinion they needed some break in. But now: It's all I want to have from an IEM. I can stop searching now. Enough detail, enough bass and they really do have soundstage. Also the midrange is pretty decent. Great allround, musical IEM with some punch. The tips and the cable are crap though. It's highly recommended to replace them.

Uros Popovic
Best I've heard so far


Doug Winters
Hands down the best IEM under $100.

I've never tried any IEMs over $100, and still don't think any IEM comes close to a good pair of $150 over ear headphones, you can't beat these for running, chores, etc.

Renz M

The sound is great for the price. Benefits greatly from replacing the tips.

Jorge Morales

After over three weeks of burn in, they are one of my favorites and are making others in my lot gather dust!

Brett Winston
Believe the hype

Absolutely no complaints. If you are on the fence just go ahead and get them. The tips def matter -- When they fit right they have amazing bass response - But I had to try a few before they sounded their best. If you have the wrong tips on these that don't fit properly you will not be happy with the sound. It is literally night and day.

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