TC09BA (USB-A to USB-B) / TC09BC (USB-C to USB-B)HiFi Audiophile USB Cable

    Noticeable Sound Quality Improvement
    Double Shielded Data Cable Structure
    Compact and Neat Design
    High Quality Insulation Layer+High Purity Litz Oxygen-Free Copper Wire
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Noticeable Sound Quality Improvement

We usually use our phone or computer as the music player and output. the signal to the DAC & Amplifier via USB data cable. If the voltage is low and the current is small, will the role of the cable become less important.Now with the release of the new Nyx series data cable, the improvement is obvious.

Double Shielded Data Cable Structure

For the Nyx series data cable, we developed a double-shielded parallel structure to shield current and data transmission respectively. They are also differentiable in appearance: the pore silver shielding outer layer is the power transmission part and the mixed silver and black shielding outer layer is the data transmission part. Signal transmission is more stable.

Compact and Neat Design

DDHIFI TC09BA TC09BC weights only about 50g or less, as light as a feather. The 50cm short cable is suitable for stacking, while the 100cm long cable is suitable for connecting large devices. The flat cable structure makes it easy to wind around and secure with a silicone strapping. You can easily put it into your pocket or bag and carry it anywhere. The compact and easy to storage design make it a gadget on-the-go.

High Quality Insulation Layer+High Purity Litz Oxygen-Free Copper Wire

DDHIFI TC09BA TC09BC adopts NUC High Precision Chemical Foam PE (Made in Japan) and high transparency SoftFlex PVC (Made in USA) layer insulation while the cable part is made of high purity Litz oxygen-free copper and Litz silver plated over LCOFC wire. It’s of high quality and supreme performance.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x DDHIFI TC09BA TC09BC
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The DDHIFI TC09BA TC09BC Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

Cable Structure
Power & Signal Starquad with Shielding
Inner Insulation
NUC High Precision Chemical Foam PE (Made in Japan)
Outer Insulation
High Transparency SoftFlex PVC (Made in USA)
Data Part
Core Thickness: 26.7AWG (White) + 26.7AWG (Green)
Core Material: High Purity Litz Pure Silver (2x7/00.14mm)
Shielding Material: Litz Oxygen-Free Copper + Litz Silver Plated over LCOFC
Power Part
Core Thickness: 25.6AWG (Red) x 2 + 25.6AWG (Black) x 2
Core Material: High Purity Litz Oxygen-Free Copper (4x7x7/00.06mm)
Shielding Material: Litz Silver Plated over LCOFC
TCO9BA 31g / 50cm, 47g / 100cm; TCO9BC 29g / 50cm, 45g / 100cm
USB-A / USB-C, USB-B gold plated

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Sutlovic
Snake oil

Perfect example of audiophile snake oil. Anyone that knows anything about USB knows it's a digital signal, there is not option to make things sound better since it's digital. Either the bits get there, or they don't. This can't do anything to improve sound.

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