DUNU Candy Eartips

3 pairs Candy Silicone Eartips for Nozzle Diameter from 4.5-6 mm

    High-quality silicone material
    Improved listening experience
    Ultra-tight seal that enhances the sound quality
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High-quality material

DUNU Candy Eartips is made of flexible silicone. The outer layer and inner tube are straight design to provide higher wearing comfort.

Improved listening experience

DUNU Candy Eartips can bring better high-frequency extension to earphones, improve the dynamic range and sound field scale of headphones, and provide studio-level restoration performance

Inside the Box

  • 1 x DUNU Candy Eartips
  • User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best tips ever.

Great fit and seal. No more messing around to get a good seal.
Comfy. Affordable.
Good balance. What more can you ask for?

Filip Andersson
Decent Tips!

Allround quite good tips. Tames the highs & boosts bass a bit.
But narrows down the soundstage unfortunately.

Bassem Ibrahim
Best tips yet

Tips are very subjective. I was initially using Dunu's SS tips which were comfortable but lost seal if I smiled, chewed etc. These tips are comfortable and maintain a good seal.

The best narrow-bore tips

At a superficial glance, the Dunu Candy eartips appear to be quite similar to the popular Spinfit CP100. However, they differ in a few significant ways. First, the silicone "umbrella" of the Candy tips is shorter and has a less aggressive taper at the end. Second, the core of the Candy tips is recessed slightly above the base of the umbrella, while the Spinfit's core protrudes slightly instead. The core of the Candy tip is also firmer and of an apparently higher durometer material. Finally, the silicone umbrella is also slightly firmer in the Candy tips than the CP100 (but still very compliant). Together, these factors make for a significantly different—and in my opinion, superior—overall experience in favor of the Dunu Candy tips.

Seal: In terms of noise isolation, the Candy tips don't perform as strongly as others. But they still easily and reliably form a complete seal in my ears and are not fussy about insertion technique.

Fit & Comfort: The Candy tips are easily the most comfortable eartips I've ever used. They feel less intrusive than the Spinfit CP100s and are the closest thing to feeling nothing at all. The silicone may not be the grippiest, but they only require occasional adjustment for me once inserted. The shorter height and core of the Candy tips mean that they also bring an IEM's shell closer into your ear, and can offer better security and less awkward fitment than longer tips. I usually wear a Medium sized eartip, and the Medium-sized Candy tips fit me as I'd expect.

IEM Compatibility: The core of the Candy tips is quite narrow and firm, so you may have a struggle fitting these onto IEMs with wider nozzles. They are best suited to IEMs with relatively narrower nozzles, and have fit well for me on the Dunu Titan S, Moondrop Aria, and HZsound Heart Mirror Zero. I gave up on trying to fit them to a 7HZ Salnotes Zero, as the nozzle lip seems too wide and I did not want to overstretch the tips and damage them. Sadly they do not work on every IEM, but if the core was wider, they would probably not sound the same.

Sound: This is where the Candy tips really shine. The narrow bore increases bass quantity as one might expect, but notably the quality of the bass is also greatly improved. Kick drums and other percussion instruments feel tight and well controlled. The Moondrop Aria sounds boomy and bloated on Spinfit CP100s, but the Dunu Candy tips tightens up the entire bass and midbass region to make them sound much more precise. Vocals sound crystal clear, whereas they tend to get muddied a bit with Spinfits, and treble sparkles. The Candy are my eartips of choice for the Dunu Titan S, Moondrop Aria, and HZsound Heart Mirror Zero, offering better comfort and sound than their respective stock eartip options.

Value: Considering that you receive three pairs of eartips, the Candy provide a very competitive value compared to competitors. This is made even better by Dunu's inclusion of a plastic eartip storage case, which has pegs to hold a maximum of six pairs of eartips. Absolutely worth the asking price.

Overall Satisfaction: 5/5

I have already bought two sets of these tips, and at some point I will probably buy a third, as they are in my opinion the best narrow-bore tips on the market.

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