E1DA PowerDAC V2.1

Headphone Amp PEQ DSP BLE DAC with 2.5/3.5 Output

    3 Output Modes
    New USB Audio Bridge
    Soft-start Function
    Intuitive Controllable Filters
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The newest PowerDAC for the Head-fi universe is released!

It is pretty much the same device as PDv2, however, now PowerDAC can work with unbalanced headphones as well. HPToy iOS/Android app was modified to get the switch for 3 output modes:

1) Balanced - the same as PDv2 balanced 2.5mm TRRS up to 600mW/channel output

2) Unbalanced - you can use that mode with E1DA 2.5/3.5mm adapter to drive your unbalanced headphones, however, power in that mode is lower vs Balanced mode

3) Unbalanced Boost - the same as Unbalanced with full 600mW power but with some crossfeed effect. This is the price for the versatility of a single 2.5mm TRRS output

Also, PDv2.1 got the new USB audio bridge CT7601 Comtrue, instead of Cmedia which was far from ideal.

Soft-start Function

PDv2.1 has a soft-start function to avoid high inrush current, in fact, PDv2 may work with any Android phone without Y-splitter, if you wish to use such a power-hungry device with your phone.


This function really useful for an open back planars to "compensate" ambient noise. And limiter keeps sound distortion-free at high volumes, also you can see the output clipping indication in the app e) Preset manager allows to save/load presets and export/import(email/skype/www etc) as well to share PowerDAC settings between users f)

Intuitive Controllable Filters

7 parametric EQs, left/right gestures control frequency, up/down gain, zoom in/out Q-factor. Also available LPF/HPF and APF for phase alignment and text form Biquad control just in case. Default standard configuration: DAC+2.5/3.5 Adapter+Type B to A Cable

Inside the Box

  • 1 x E1DA PowerDAC V2.1
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The E1DA PowerDAC V2.1 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

       sandblasted/anodized aluminum, mirror polished stainless steel with laser marking    
       USB 5V power rail no internal battery, 250mA idle current, the device contains up to 5000uF of capacitance and IOS/Android devices can start OTG operation only with Camera_Adapter and USB OTG Y-splitter cable respectively    
        USB PCM up to 24b/192kHz    
        Frequency response     
       20Hz-20kHz +/-.2db(+/-.15db typical) 10Hz-30kHz +/-.5db(+/-.3db typical) 2.5Hz-46kHz +/-3db S/N ratio: -108db(A) (-109db(A) typical)     

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Customer Reviews

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E1DA PowerDAC V2.1

Aljosa Krzelj
Great DAC

Superb sound quality for not a lot of money

Small DAC. Big power. Huge sound.

Surprised there's no love for E1DA here on Linsoul, so I am piping up: I've owned the Powerdac2.1 now for about a year with frequent usage. I had intended to buy a HipDAC or a tubey desktop something but after using for about a week I haven't looked back.

I've got an old Marantz with 1/4" out, a couple sound interfaces w/ built-in DACs, a Fiio BTR3k as my mobile mainstay, and decades of experience with higher end home stereo and car stereo gear as comparison. The PowerDAC is my go-to amplifier when I'm in the mood for a bit of volume and active listening.

Sources: qobuz + spotify and a few FLACs over laptop and android.

I'm an EQ freak and have some 20 different pairs of headphones and IEM. The ability to save presets on the device is fantastic and you can really tailor the profile to anything. Average phones can be cleaned up, good phones will shine. The app is brilliant and simple to use, and I've never had a single issue finding the BT connection.

* Balanced output - most of my IEM have balanced cables of average quality and the detail on display here is incredible. Texture for jazz, crunch for metal, rich expressive vocals for opera. There is a great deal of detail on offer, so much so that with bright phones ambient noises in live recordings can become bothersome and send you towards the PEQ to quieten them down.

Out of the box sans preset is pretty much dead neutral running toward thin, which is where you need the starting point to be. If you're the type that wants color out of the amp, the "wet" slider is probably the only EQing necessary. Just adding a touch of warmth into the lows and it sounds great out of the box. However, you can fiddle with a full PEQ and dial in exactly what you want and there's no need to adjust it ever again.

* Unbalanced - still plenty of power here to drive most modern over-the-ears phones. Works fine with my cheaper AKG K240, K52, and Shure SRH840. I find that it loses a bit of the sound staging and depth for classical but otherwise is unnoticeable for 99% of my music. Same good technicals just less output.

Cons / Surprises:

1) I highly recommend a USB noise filter for laptops. There will be static and hissing at very low volume levels since the circuitry is pretty simple in this device. Less of an issue on mobile as the output tends to be a lot cleaner than cheap PCs. Might not be an issue on a Mac.

2) sometimes when swapping between balanced and unbalanced modes, either the device, your source, or both can get temporarily confused and one channel will cut-out. Restarting my laptop and the DAC does the trick, but when it happened the first time I thought it blew up. Nope! Just a small glitch, and it's been very reliable otherwise.

Given the cost of this device it's well worth it, and you have a small rig that sounds as good as those costing several hundreds more.

~~ BIG FAN ~~

Very impressive

Highly recommend this device. Can make an average set of headphones shine small adjustments to the bass/treble and loudness wet/dry controls. More in depth parametric eq is included as well with saved presets and you can create your own as well. Very impressive device well worth it.

Christopher Mosson
Faulty Product.

On the day it arrived the Bluetooth gave up and the audio port ceased to function. The fact that I've had to make a video proving the Sound and Bluetooth dose not work is an equivalent to showing that the water from a tap is not hot. It's impossible.

I've not had further correlation with the staff as.they seem unwilling to help!

Hello there. Thank you for the feedback.
The internal Bluetooth function is to connect to a phone's HPTOY APP. This E1DA device only works with the HPTOY APP.
Only when the device is connected to the HPTOY APP, could it work to adjust the settings e.g. volume, EQ and etc.

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