FiiO FX15

4 Electrostatic + 1DD + 1BA Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

  • Premium Sound with Highly-Equipped Architecture
  • FiiO’s First Electrostatic Driver Implementation
  • Seamless EST Driver Activation
  • FiiO’s Patented S.Turbo Acoustic Design
  • Professional Tuning Precision
  • Advanced DLP 3D-Printed Ear Shells
  • High-Purity 224-Core Sterling Silver Cable
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Premium Sound with Highly-Equipped Architecture

Drawing upon years of expertise in crafting premium quality audio equipment, FiiO unveils the latest FX15. This extraordinary creation boasts a distinctive six-driver hybrid configuration that guarantees a top-tier auditory experience. This meticulously crafted pair features a dedicated 10mm DLC Dome Dynamic Driver for robust bass, a Knowles mid-high-frequency driver unit, and an ensemble of four Sonion EST high-frequency driver units. Through their harmonious collaboration, these drivers converge to deliver an unparalleled high-resolution sound output that exemplifies FiiO's commitment to audio excellence.

FiiO’s First Electrostatic Driver Implementation

FiiO FX15 is the FiiO’s first-ever implementation of highly-resolving electrostatic drivers in IEMs. In collaboration with SONION, a pioneering name in the industry, FiiO has harnessed the expertise to deliver electrostatic driver units renowned for their top-tier quality and premium performance. Bolstered by four EST drivers on each side, FiiO FX15 achieves an extraordinary level of detail in the high-frequency spectrum, setting a new standard for sonic precision.

Seamless EST Driver Activation

The configuration of EST drivers is strategically optimized in this design to enhance high-frequency extension, ensuring users experience remarkable resolution within the upper frequency range. Additionally, the FX15 includes a user-friendly switch that grants the ability to effortlessly activate or deactivate the EST drivers according to individual preferences.

FiiO’s Patented S.Turbo Acoustic Design

To enrich the lower-frequency response emanating from the dynamic driver unit, FiiO has integrated its proprietary S.Turbo acoustic design architecture into the pair. This innovative design features an ultra-thin and elongated acoustic tube, significantly enhancing the bass response of the pair.

Professional Tuning Precision

FiiO FX15 stands as a genuine high-resolution in-ear monitor, elevating the auditory experience with its exceptional driver configuration. Meticulously tuned, the pair offers a harmonious balance, featuring a robust lower-end response, captivating midrange, and a treble that is both refined and intricately detailed.

Advanced DLP 3D-Printed Ear Shells

FiiO FX15 IEMs showcase an attention-grabbing ear shell design inspired by the "Sound and Shape" design theme. This design ethos is evident in the pair's stunning appearance, accentuated by its designer face covers. Collaborating with a leading industry brand renowned for exquisite craftsmanship, FiiO has meticulously crafted the elegant FX15. Constructed from premium imported resin material and shaped with precision through advanced DLP 3D-Printing technology, the pair exudes quality. The shells are thoughtfully engineered for a lightweight build, ensuring exceptional comfort during prolonged listening sessions.

High-Purity 224-Core Sterling Silver Cable

In pursuit of delivering exceptional sound performance through the FiiO FX15, the pair is accompanied by a high-purity 224-core sterling silver cable, a testament to FiiO's commitment to quality. The cable is equipped with an interchangeable termination plug system, featuring both 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs included within the package. The high-purity wire core guarantees seamless signal transmission, characterized by minimal internal resistance, resulting in pristine sound signal delivery.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x FiiO FX15
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The FiiO FX15 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Knowles balanced armature*1,10mm DLC dynamic driver*1, Sonion electrostatic driver*4 (one driver unit contains 4 drivers)
Frequency response
8 strands totaling 224 wires of high-purity silver
Cable length
About 1.2m
Ear unit weight
About 6g (not including cable)
Earphone connector
Expanded MMCX
Audio plug
Twist-lock interchangeable plugs

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