Gustard H26

Fully Balanced Discrete Class A Headphone Amplifier

  • Ultimate Discrete Class A Amplification
  • Versatility Unleashed
  • Seamless Switching with Preamp Outputs
  • Matrix Relay Volume Control Precision
  • Fully Balanced Input Stage Brilliance
  • High-Quality Component Mastery
  • Rigorous Design for Audiophile Purity
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Ultimate Discrete Class A Amplification

Gustard H26 stands as a testament to audio excellence with its fully balanced discrete Class A amplifier. Utilizing 8 pairs of power transistors, it delivers unparalleled drive and control, ensuring a listening experience defined by clarity and precision.

Versatility Unleashed

What sets the Gustard H26 apart is its versatile design. The headphone amplifier's power can be independently switched off, transforming the device into a dedicated preamp output. This feature grants users the freedom to tailor their listening experience effortlessly.

Seamless Switching with Preamp Outputs

Enhancing user convenience, the H26 incorporates two direct-inserted LM49720 dual op-amps for the preamp. This design facilitates seamless transitions between headphone and speaker listening. By turning off preamp outputs, users can effortlessly switch between audio sources.

Matrix Relay Volume Control Precision

Gustard H26 employs matrix relay volume control, ensuring a consistent volume experience across all four channels without bias. This precision allows users to make nuanced and controlled adjustments to match their preferred audio intensity.

Fully Balanced Input Stage Brilliance

A defining feature of the H26 is its fully balanced input stage. This architectural choice transforms the audio experience, providing a level of richness and clarity. Even single-ended RCA inputs benefit from the H26's fully balanced drive, delivering uncompromised sound quality.

High-Quality Component Mastery

The H26 integrates high-speed, low-noise rectifiers and utilizes 4 Nikon Nichicon capacitors for main filtering. A low-noise, high-current voltage regulator enhances overall performance. These components collectively contribute to an exceptional audio journey, marked by fidelity and precision.

Rigorous Design for Audiophile Purity

Beyond its technical features, the Gustard H26 is a result of rigorous design principles. The layout is tidy, and solid materials are employed, ensuring a clean and efficient amplification process. The H26 isn't just an amplifier; it's a testament to audiophile purity and precision.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Gustard H26
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Gustard H26 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

RCA x1: input sensitivity tyical: 2-3Vrms; input impedance 4KΩ | XLR x2: input snsitivity typical: 4-6Vrms max 12Vrms; input impedance 8KΩ
Preamp output
RCA: 100Ω output impedance | XLR: 100Ω output impedance | Frequency response: 20-80kHz/-0.1dB | SNR>123dB | Crosstalk<-123dB @ 1kHz | THD+N: <0.0002% | IMD: <0.0003%
Headphone amp
Single-ended output (6.35mm) impendance: 0.05Ω | Balanced output (XLR 4PIN or 4.4)impendance: 0.1Ω | Frequency response: 20-80kHz/-0.1dB | SNR 20-80kHz/-0.1dB | Crosstalk<-120dB @ 1kHz | THD+N: <0.0005% @ 9700mW into 32Ω LOAD | IMD: <0.0005% @ 9700mW into 32Ω LOAD | Maximum undistored power output: 6000mW into 32Ω Load | Maximum power output: 12000mW @ 32Ω (THD=1%)
AC power input
100V - 240V (manually adjusted)
Overall power consumption
W330mm*D260mm*H65mm (protrusion not included)
Package size
7.0KG (with package)

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