HarmonicDyne Poseidon

Custom 50mm Nickel Diaphragm Dynamic Drivers Headphones

  • The successor to the widely popular HarmonicDyne Zeus
  • Nickel Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
  • High-Resolution Audio Headphones
  • Open-Back Design
  • Maple and Stainless Steel Design
  • Ergonomic Ear Pads
for kickstarter backers

Note: Only select cable color/source connector if you purchased a TRIPOWIN Granvia cable add-on. The default bundled cable with the headphone is Balanced XLR, with an included XLR to 6.35mm adapter.

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Nickel Diaphragm Dynamic Driver

While beryllium has been hailed as the king of diaphragm materials so far, the molecular composition of nickel proves to be a much superior metal for the conductance of sound. With four times the density and more than double the tensile strength of beryllium, purified nickel is a much stiffer and responsive diaphragm material, allowing greater clarity and articulation with reduced distortion in the low frequencies. Most nickel-based drivers used in audio products are nickel-alloys, meaning they have been mixed with other inferior metals to reduce production costs. However, the Poseidon utilizes only the purest laboratory-grade nickel, producing an extremely well controlled frequency response with unparalleled technical performance.

Ultra-High Resolution Audio

With a frequency response of 10Hz to 40kHz, the Poseidon presents an incredibly extended dynamic range that is far beyond that which is perceptible by the human ear. We wanted to present a sound that was both accurate and musical. From the previous Zeus model, the low-end has been further extended, providing a greater sub-bass impact beginning from 10Hz. Combined with the form factor of an open-back design, the sound has a surreal airy character and lifelike soundstage. The resulting experience is a true subwoofer rumble that is both powerful and quick, thanks to the stiffness of the nickel diaphragm driver. The responsiveness of the new driver also means a higher caliber of clarity and detail retrieval in the mid-range and treble. The Poseidon is acoustically poised to play back your music at the highest degree of resolution possible.

Open-Back Design

As its name suggests, the HarmonicDyne Poseidon presents a natural, detailed, and balanced sound that allows you to feel an incredible connection and transparency to the music. The power of our new custom drivers, matched with our expertise tuning makes for an amazing sound. Add this to the custom driver cavity and open-back design, and you’ve got acoustics that can parallel any studio recording room! By precisely tuning how much airflow occurs through the front and back cavities, we are able to recreate a lifelike image of the soundstage. The additional airflow compared to closed-back headphones further means an airier acoustic atmosphere. Escape from your daily routines and engross yourself in the music.

Maple and Stainless Steel Design

Designed with the highest-quality materials for the stainless steel headband, the Poseidon feels extremely secure and durable. All of the metal pieces are powder coated, meaning the paint job won’t scratch or peel off. The headband itself is made with several layers of resonant damping polymers, ensuring you cloud-like comfort and a secure fit. The lightweight yet durable design means that your long listening sessions will be sonically and physically enjoyable - without the pressure.

Ergonomic Ear Pads

The innovative and ergonomically designed ear pads are crafted of high quality nanometer suede cushions, an ultra-lightweight and ultra-comfortable material that makes for a comfortable wear. Its geometric inner membrane design ensures a perfect seal for those tight basslines, while permitting airflow so your ears don’t get too stuffy.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x HarmonicDyne Poseidon
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The HarmonicDyne Poseidon Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Wired Headphone , Open-back design
50mm Nickel Coated diaphragm Dynamic Driver
64 Ohm
<0.2 % (1000 Hz , 1mw
103± 2dB @ 1000Hz
2m XLR- 4 Balanced cable (Additional XLR to 6.35mm cable adapter)
380g w/o Cable
200 *180 *100mm
RAW material
Maple Wood

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Elliot modin
Real good

It's as good as i expected

Ricardo Daniel Nava Frias
Right Driver stop working

I sent back the headphones because they have a problem with the rigth driver, it have no sound that's why I asked for warranty.

I sent them and they are back because linsoul said that i didn't put a number but i send it with all the information and they said that is my fault.

This is the first time that something like this happens to me with a company from China, all audio products have arrived well from others companies, or if there is any defect they inmediately support me and the products arrive super fast, but in this case it is a scam.

I don't recommend to buy from linsoul, this company is the worst.



Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Great with spatial audio

I got these to use spatial audio in Apple Music. They provide good details, separation and a nice sound field. They are very comfortable to wear and sound beautiful. They do everything I bought them for.

Antony John
A comfortable daily wearer used as a computer accessory

The Poseidon is a comfortable headphone to wear and is less fatiguing to the ear. It is padded well with a velor ear cushion. That makes it well breathable and prevents sweat. I use this as computer audio accessory.

This headphone leans more towards the upper frequences with less emphasis on bass. However the available bass is snappy instead of being muddled. The headphones tend to be a bit muddled in the lower mid frequency range when new. But as it wears in, the lower mid frequencies get well detailed especially for male vocals. There is more air on top. I have not experienced any fatiguing sibilance though. The music listening is not relaxed but edges towards more citical detail and wider sound stage. Though it is not a class leader in its budget class like the Senheiser HD 600S.

My main grouse with headphone is the creaking of the slider adjust mechanism on the headband. It feels flimsy and not engineered well. The quality of the cans and driver is price appropriate. Also the coating on the head band is wearing off. But then my experience with Chinese headphone in this area is grim. I have used Hifiman and Ibasso headphones. And is dissappointed with quality of the mechanical build. The Harmonicdyne is the better of the lot.
To sum up, I dont think its worth the full price siince I got it for a good discount deal.

John ward
Titan performance*****

What a fantastic headphone.I was impressed with the expansive soundstage, detailed throughout the music spectrum....these are now my "go too" headphones, a true audiophile experience.

Surprisingly good

I have various headphones in my collection, and these are amoung the best, if not the best. I have own DT 1990 pros, HIFIMAN Ananda, Monoprice m1060 to name a few. These HarmonicDyne Posidion headphones a are my favorite to listen to.

Mondo Quinn
Top Quality with the WOW Factor

Firstly , I was most impressed with the case these came in. What a beautiful presentation. The headphones themselves are wonderful and I'm sure will get even better with continued use. One of my friends who works in radio was very enthusiastic as well-and he only buys the top of the range products for production work.(as well as for listening) The headphones are comfortable and give you a great sound spectrum when listening. I can't fault them at all.

A bit of a Conundrum....

When I first got these, I was very disappointed. The soundstage was nonexistent. However, after a prolonged burn-in, they opened up... and I've quite warmed to them. I would compare these to the Sennheiser HD650... similar soundstage, similar tonality but warmer with a mid-bass boost, more sub-bass, and a slight massage to treble to add some sparkle. They are quite fun, and I like these for what they are. However... it seems like HarmonicDyne had some confusion on what they were trying to make them be. They come with a balanced cable, which is absolutely ridiculous because they in no way need it. They're extremely easy to drive and do not require an amp. That's actually their biggest virtue... but most headphones at this price are meant to be powered with an amp. I actually like them best through my phone with a dongle DAC, as they beat out anything else that I own that is easy to drive. If they were cheaper, I'd recommend them to newcomers that don't want to invest in a DAC/amp stack, but their pricing makes them a strange fit.

John Karman
Quite good

Annoying that I had to pay extra 70€ in tax without getting any info.
With that extra, the price was excellent, now it was ok. Quite good, in like them but I keep on returning to my Ollo S4x

Seb K
Overrated ... so far

Received this in Dec just before Xmas so the delivery aspect was excellent. The ordering process may be a bit complicated but I think the explanation and guide were easy to understand so had no problem there.

Built quality is fine I guess, not to my liking but still better than some others in the market.

I don't know if I need to do some burn-in or not but so far I must agree with the majority of all the others' reviewers on this one that say this is just an average headphone. I have the fostex by modhouse, aiva which all are great headphones with RRP roughly on par (+/- $30ish) and they all produce a much better quality that the poseidon. Lucky I got this on kickstarter price but definitely won't buy them at full price.

One good thing about it is that it is easy to drive so no need to get high spec stuff but if you only want easy to drive headphone then why would you get this one in the first place.

The only reason I'm still holding on to this is because I am yet to try this with tube amp since that what amazed Zeos.

So yeah, I'm still giving this another chance to prove itself.

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