HiBy Yvain

3-way 4-Driver Enclosed Reference IEM

  • 4 Drivers of Exceptional Acoustic Configuration in Each Side
  • Custom-Class Full-Range Dual-Driver by Sonion
  • Non-Damper Efficient Bass by Knowles
  • Classic 3-Way Electronic Crossover
  • Channel Isolated Acoustic Chamber
  • High-Precision Aluminum Alloy CNC Processing
  • UITZ Type 4 Coaxial PCOCC Balance Cable
  • 4-Pin Lock Multi-Function Plug with Firm Lock Design
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4 Drivers of Exceptional Acoustic Configuration in Each Side

HIBY YVAIN sets a new standard in audio performance with four finely tuned drivers on each side. Global outstanding balanced armatures are meticulously integrated to deliver a high-level sound detail across the full-range frequency spectrum.

Custom-Class Full-Range Dual-Driver by Sonion

The custom-class full-range dual-driver by Sonion combines high-performance balanced armatures with ultra-high resolution. Every vocal and the subtle nuances of string instruments are faithfully reproduced, capturing the deep emotions of the singers. This level of tone reproduction exceeds the tightness of general balanced armatures.

Non-Damper Efficient Bass by Knowles

Knowles, the largest and most powerful receiver manufacturer, presents the non-damper efficient bass. This design, featuring a non-damper, provides high acoustic power for deep bass with a musical and pure sound.

Classic 3-Way Electronic Crossover

HIBY YVAIN inherits the classic 3-way electronic crossover and seamlessly combines it into one cohesive system. This precision crossover tuning ensures smooth and natural transitions while preserving all the intricate details of your music.

Channel Isolated Acoustic Chamber

To eliminate mutual interference and maintain pure sound, HIBY YVAIN incorporates channel-isolated acoustic chambers for every element, from tweeter to vocal to woofer.

High-Precision Aluminum Alloy CNC Processing

The use of high-precision aluminum alloy CNC processing not only makes the earphones lightweight but also enhances the pure acoustic feedback from the chamber.

UITZ Type 4 Coaxial PCOCC Balance Cable

The PCOCC cable with Litz Type 4 coaxial balance design minimizes internal resistance, distortion, and interference. This guarantees that every ounce of musical emotion and every nanosecond of change is faithfully transmitted from the amplifier to the earphones.

4-Pin Lock Multi-Function Plug with Firm Lock Design

HIBY YVAIN features a versatile 4-pin lock multi-function plug with a firm lock design. This design allows a single earphone cable to be compatible with various audio interfaces, including 3.5mm single-ended stereo and 4.4mm balanced stereo. It's an effortless way to support various DAPs and smartphones, offering maximum flexibility in your audio setup.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x HiBy Yvain
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The HiBy Yvain Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Drivers in Each Side
Tweeters: Knowles Hi-res BA x 1 | Mids: Sonion Customized BA x 2 | Woofers: Knowles Non-damper BA x 1
Frequency Response
Max Input Power
Wire Material
4.7g(Each Side)
 0.78mm Dual-pin / Detachable

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