Kinera Ace

Modular Upgrade Cable

    8 core OFC + OFC with silver-plated upgraded cable
    Compact Replaceable Plug Design
    Lightweight aluminum alloy plug & cable splitter
    Protective Skin Material
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Upgraded Cable Materials

“Ace” is an 8 core OFC + OFC with silver-plated upgraded cable with 25 strands of 0.05mm copper with silver plated plus 25 strands of 0.06mm OFC cable. It adopts complex litz structure to achieve the stability and conductivity of the sound signal. Each core is insulated independently, which not only effectively avoids the sound distortion caused by the skin effect and the proximity effect, but also affects the wire. Better antioxidant effect. It is natural and smooth, and ensures that the details of the sound will not be lost. It is an upgrade cable for earphones that can enhance the vocal.

Compact Replaceable Plug Design

3.5mm, 4.4mm copper with 1 .5U gold plated plugs, to meet the requirements of the popular players in the market, just change as you like. The internal connection is a 4-pin 6N CCC and CCC with silver plated mix conductor so that the audio signal can be transmitted more stably and quickly. Optional Kinera customized 0.78mm 2pin and mmcx plugs are with long service life.

Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Plug & Cable Splitter

The plug external & cable splitter metal part are made of lightweight aluminum alloy. The surface is coated with anodized technology, which can effectively prevent the shell from scratch due to fririction. It looks perfect even has been used for a long time.

Protective Skin

The cable is covered with high-grade PVC, which is skin-friendly, soft, and wear-resistant. It avoids the stethoscope effect caused by the hard wire. Whenever and wherever you are, just enjoy it.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Kinera Ace
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The Kinera Ace Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

OFC + OFC with silver plated
Braid way
8 core 3-dimensional braided
25 strands of 0.05mm OFC wit silver plated + 25 strands of 0.6mm OFC
Cable skin material
0.78 2pin or MMCX option
Detachable 4.4mm balanced / 2.5mm balanced / 3.5mm plug
Plug material
Copper with 1.5U gold plated
Plug internal connection
Copper with silver plated conductor
Cable length
Cable structure
Litz + multiple structures + twisting strands

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David Horbury
Terrific value

Good cable. Looks and feels good as does the sound. Good stuff.

Best Dam Wires Ever!!! Don't pay more!!!

Just purchased my 3rd set of these!!!! What am amazing value!!! And sound upgrade your going to get from a set of cables these will give you. Copper/Silver so best of both worlds. 8 core. Litz wire/braid and interchangeable plugs. All for a very reasonable price. Could you pay more? Absolutely!!!!! But unless your looking to tame a bad set of buds or want something exotic for your ultra expensive IEM then don't waste your money buy these cables!!!!! I'm not an audiophile but I love quality music. I own a woo audio amp and a few high end headphones. Focal. Audio quest and Hifi man so I'm deff into good equipment. Save your money and give your IEMs the cable they deserve!!!!

Bang for Buck

As stated in the title, this is arguably the best bang for buck IEM cable under $50USD. It has detachable/swappable connectors, and is a braided cable as well. the build and presentation is nice but what I like most is that after the split it is still braided and doesn’t go to a singular strand/core. This limits the microphonics and works well

Great cable

Have it paired with the Tanchjim Hana, can’t say anything bad about it. Seems like it improved the sound over the stock cable. Also great that it has 3 types of connections. Well worth the price.

Ken H
Very Comfortable

Fits very comfortably, doesn’t kink, doesn’t create noise when rubbing against clothes, and is modular. Very much worth the $40 asking price especially for any IEM matching the color scheme.

Sophanna Ven
Great cable

Has all the connections I need

Love this cable. Didn't break the bank and MODULAR...BIG PLUS

Currently using this cable with moondrop Katos and dx300 dap and idsd signature. I can't make any point on audio sound as cables never really have done that for me BUT the ability to switch to 3.5 4.4 and 2.5 at this price is AWESOME. My idsd uses 6.35 and 4.4 while my dap has 4.4 2.5 and 3.5... it is useful being able to swap out the ends depending on my music gear set up on the fly and NOT wear out the female 2 pin connection on my katos from doing swapping cables instead. The thicker cable before Y split makes getting knots in it more difficult as i store my katos with the cable in the small round moondrop case (not the oem magnetic one, the aria zipper version). I've yet to get some real time consuming knots in this cable. Props to Kinera for the visually great and functional cable at this price point. Some of the best looking ends I've seen as well at this price point. I wish more companies would offer modular cables... especially when they're asking 300+.


Daniel Farmer
Great cable for the money.

I am pretty impressed with this cable. It feels nice and the connections are solid so far.

jacob Hawkins
great value for the price

I've been waiting to pull the trigger on some entry level upgrade cables for a while now and I'm very glad I chose this pair. they are extremely comfortable and premium feeling and I find the blue and sliver look to really pop in exactly the way I hoped it would, the MMCX connectors used here are very stiff and sturdy which is preferable to me because it inspires confidence that the ace is here to last. I won't make any claims as to audio quality difference because to my ears I can't make out any difference, especially after A/B testing them against the stock 7hz Timeless cable. but the ability to switch between balanced and unbalanced at this price point is awesome. and the asthetics and build quality are easily beats out any other MMCX cable I have used.

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