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1BA + 2DD In-Ear Monitor
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Hybrid Sound Engineering

Rich and Lush Sound Signature

In-House Driver Expertise

Detachable Cable Convenience

About Kiwi Ears

Driven by the pursuit of extraordinary audio reproduction, at Kiwi Ears, we create the perfect mix of technological innovations and refined tuning strategies. With musicians and studio engineers particularly in mind, we are on an uncompromising quest to produce the finest professional In-Ear Monitors that will reveal every nuance in your music and performance. Never settling for mediocrity, our small team of dedicated engineers handcrafts each unit so that you can worry less about what’s in your ears and focus more on the sounds you are making. We are Kiwi Ears, and we’re bringing you music heard like never before.

3 Hybrid Drivers for a Comprehensive Sound

The Forteza features a hybrid design utilizing 1 High-Mid balanced armature (BA) + 10mm Mid-range dynamic driver (DD) + 10mm Bass DD. This 1BA + 10mm DD + 10mm DD combination fulfills a full sound from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. Furthermore, the utilization of 2 different dynamic drivers in combination with a BA driver provides significant enhancement in the sound texture and timbre.

Rich Sound Signature

The Forteza features a three-way passive crossover system that is tuned for a rich and lush sound signature. The bass response is thick, with impactful punches. With a slower decay, the bass is more textured and rumbly, making bass guitar lines truly shine. The mids have also been tuned to be more colored and warm, providing thicker bodies to vocals and instruments. These characteristics make the Forteza excellent for people who want to enjoy a fuller sound, rather than a flat and neutral sound signature. The treble response is carefully paired to match the lows and mids, to prevent a dull or dark sound signature. The treble response closely matches target preference curvatures, with crisp articulations and full microdetail retrieval.

In-House Drivers

The Forteza features our tried and true in-house drivers for a high quality sound. Using drivers that have succeeded in our previous models, the combination of these drivers ensures maximization in both efficiency and quality. For instance, our composite 10mm dynamic driver system provides excellent bass response thanks to its intricate diaphragm composition, as well as driver size. By layering the 10mm DD with an additional 10mm low-mid DD, the low frequency range is textured with excellent imaging capabilities. Additionally, our single BA driver has been tested to excel in SPL to THD ratios across its frequency range, with great tonal characteristics. By using in-house drivers, we can ensure optimal technical and tonal performance based on our direct implementation.

Detachable Cable

The Forteza comes standard with a detachable cable featuring 0.78mm 2pin connectors. The cable can be swapped with other cables to customize your experience, as well as extend the longevity of the IEM.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Kiwi Ears Forteza
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Kiwi Ears Forteza Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details



Frequency Range





2 x Dynamic Drivers (10mm + 10mm)+1 X Balanced Armature

Earphone Jack


$59.00 USD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Samuel Rowland
A solid v shaped IEM

I actually bought this at CanJam. It was great being able to try each one out and decide which one I liked the most. I would recommend that you do that because one of the big factors for this item was the comfort. It's by far the most comfortable IEM I have ever owned. I also like the rumbly (not boomy) bass and the sparkly treble. Honestly It's a great buy. Just know it's not neutral. It's meant to be punchy and intense in a good way. If that's what you want, it's hard to do better for the price.

Jerome O'Flaherty
A gorgeous IEM to add to your collection

The Kiwi Ears Forteza are a compelling option, particularly for listeners who are looking for something different than the usual ‘Harman’ sound and wanting to build their IEM collection. Its robust bass response, detailed yet slightly recessed mids, and treble make it a versatile choice for a variety of music genres. While the treble elevation might not suit all preferences, it contributes to the clarity and detail that many will love, using some alternative ear tips can also tame the treble for those who find it too much. The combination of sound quality, comfort, and build quality makes the Forteza a noteworthy IEM in its price range.

Check out my full review here:

The Forteza

The Forteza stands out with its intricate detailing, offering a delightful audio experience. Its soundstage is commendable, providing a spacious and immersive auditory environment. The imaging capabilities contribute to a precise and well-defined placement of sound elements, enhancing the overall listening experience.
One of the Forteza's notable strengths is its deeply satisfying bass. The low frequencies are rich, impactful, and add a layer of depth to the music. This aspect contributes to a well-rounded and enjoyable sound profile, making the Forteza an appealing choice for those who appreciate a robust and engaging bass performance.

In summary, the Forteza impresses with its attention to detail, expansive soundstage, precise imaging, and a particularly gratifying bass response, making it a noteworthy option for audio enthusiasts.

Marcello Dixitdomino
Wonderful balanced IEM

I already knew that Kiwi Ears worked very well, but what I didn't expect was a premium appearance of a shell so beautiful that it seemed hypnotic and such a balanced sound, with good bass, present and well-tuned mids, pronounced highs, but never fatiguing.
At an extremely affordable price (it could easily have been between $150 and $200) it is my new beloved portable Qudelix 5K set!

harutaka fujikawa
Cost-effective and beautiful face plate.

The sound is very comfortable, a little light at first, but as the aging process progresses, the sound settles down and the treble is clear and transparent, while the mid and bass are also firm.
It can compete well with earphones costing one or two ranks more.

Mahir @
Pretty Good 👍

Pretty good for its price and more analytical than dynamic. My actual review:

Marijn Degezelle
Kiwi ears forteza

It's not for everybody if you like and old school tuning then it is for you probally
Graph can be found here

Basshead Hurricane!!!

👋 The audio company KiwiEars has released very interesting hybrid headphones with two dynamic drivers and one armature driver, and you’ll find out how they sound in the review!
🥳Enjoy watching!
🔥Available in all languages YouTube video placeholder
New Earphones For Commute

This is definitely not a neutral pair of iems. It's a bassy, colored and energetic set.
It's also detailed and immersive. Upper regions may sound fatiguing for certain songs because my ears are sensitive to that. However, it should be fine for commute or in a noisy environment.
Fit is great. Earbuds and cable are light and they look so pretty.
There are quite a few types of ear tips to choose from but I randomly picked the black ones. I don't know if the others would make a difference in sound but I'm happy that there are many spare ones available.
There's also a small zipper case included.

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