Kiwi Ears x Crinacle: Singolo

Custom 11mm Dynamic Driver IEM with KARS
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Revolutionary KARS Technology: Experience unmatched bass quality with the Kiwi Acoustic Resonance System (KARS). Unlike traditional crossovers, KARS ensures a pure audio experience, free from distortion.

Custom LCP Diaphragm Driver: Crafted with a custom 11mm dynamic driver and Japanese Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm, the Singolo delivers precise sound fidelity.

Tuned to Crinacle's Signature: Tuned to Crinacle's tonal signature, the Singolo boasts an 8dB sub-bass shelf for powerful yet pristine bass, complemented by a neutral midrange and clean treble. Enjoy a natural sound signature akin to a subwoofer without the subwoofer.

Detachable Cable System: Equipped with a detachable cable system featuring 2-pin 0.78mm connectors, the Singolo offers a customizable user experience and increased lifespan, allowing users to swap cables effortlessly.

About Kiwi Ears

We are a small international group of engineers with a single goal of producing the best sounding audio solutions for musicians and audiophiles. We focus on developing the latest technological driver innovations with refined tuning strategies that reveal every nuance in your music and performance. Our small team of dedicated engineers handcraft each unit so that you can worry less about what’s in your ears and focus more on the sounds you are making. We’re bringing melodies that inspire. 

Kiwi Ears x Crinacle

We have collaborated with Crinacle, one of the world’s best renown audio reviewers. Crinacle has forever changed the in-ear monitor industry with his frequency measurement database, which is the biggest compilation of tonal signatures available online. By allowing people to visualize sound signatures of headphones and earphones, Crinacle has demystified the audio industry, paving a new path for scientific and transparent approach in designing headphones and earphones. Crinacle has provided his expertise in designing the Singolo, which showcases his years of experience and knowledge of in-ear monitors. 

Kiwi Acoustic Resonance System (KARS)

KARS is not a gimmick – it is a discrete band-pass filter that manipulates airflow to the driver, regulating low frequency output. This patented innovation features an elaborate labyrinth tubing network that has been designed after numerous scientific and physical models to perfectly calculate the appropriate resonance point for the Singolo’s driver. KARS makes a tight sub-bass shelf possible; something that has been previously impossible in a single-driver IEM. The bass quality, quantity, and texture are all incomparable to any other tuning strategy used in a similar driver format.
Unlike traditional crossover networks that uses multiple drivers with RC (resistor-capacitor) networks, KARS instead uses Helmholtz resonance to regulate its tuning. Airflow to a dynamic driver regulates how much the diaphragm can respond, but also requires additional calculations of flow rate, direction, and volume. KARS allows exact regulation of this airflow to manipulate the sound as we desire. While capacitors and resistors provide a calculated means of crossover solutions, they also add unwanted artifacts to the sound in the form of distortion, especially when cheap SMD components are used.

With KARS, the sound you are hearing is directly from the driver itself, which translates into a pure and higher resolving audio experience without the hindrance of passive electrical components. KARS also eliminates the need for driver venting meshes, which has been traditionally used to regulate airflow into drivers. These meshes have low tolerances, causing unit-variances, as well as weak durability. KARS’ precise engineering eliminates this potential for imbalances and delivers a uniform sound in every unit.
The specific length, dimensions, and right-angled corners of KARS had to be scientifically calculated and tested to control the sub-bass shelf. KARS is precisely 3D-printed with a 1.0 micron precision. The labyrinth regulates airflow to the rear of the dynamic driver chamber, tightly controlling the back pressure to the diaphragm. This achieves two things simultaneously - it accurately regulates the sub-bass and bass response, and it also regulates pressure ventilation within your ear, which allows more comfortable and pressure-free listening. Finally, KARS allows a calculated removal of rear wave reflections from the driver, reducing wave cancellation and creating a higher quality sound. 

Custom Japan-made LCP Diaphragm Driver

To best showcase the KARS system, the Singolo features a custom Japanese Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm driver. This 11mm dynamic driver is custom created for our KARS format, with unique front and rear acoustic chamber profiles. LCP was chosen for the diaphragm material due to its crisp, yet natural tonal characteristics. Harder metal-based diaphragms tend to have a metallic tinge to their timbre, while plastic-based diaphragms tend to sound dull. LCP provides a perfect balance between rigidity for fast transients, and natural timbre.
Implementing KARS, this driver has been precision-tuned using only acoustic dynamics, meaning the sound you hear is purely from the driver. 

Crinacle’s Tonal Signature

The Singolo is tuned in accordance to Crinacle’s tonal signature. It’s a synthesis of all of the best tuning profiles found in the world’s most successful earphones throughout the years. Featuring a 8dB sub-bass shelf, the bass is incredibly hard hitting and powerful, but it pristinely cuts off at 300Hz. This allows for a neutral midrange that articulates the natural sound of vocals and instruments without any artificial bloating or muddiness. The treble follows the perfect in-ear pinna compensatory curvature, with a clean 3kHz peak and a natural decay into the upper treble. With the Singolo, the name of the game is a perfectly natural sound signature - a subwoofer without the subwoofer.

Detachable Cable System

The Singolo comes standard with a detachable cable system. Using 2-pin 0.78mm connectors, the cable can be detached and swapped with any other cable. This allows a customizable user experience, as well as effectively increasing the lifespan of the Singolo. 

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Kiwi Ears x Crinacle: Singolo
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Kiwi Ears x Crinacle: Singolo Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details


Kiwi Ears x Crinacle Singolo


Custom 11mm Dynamic Driver + KIWI Acoustic Resonance System (KARS)

Frequency Response

20Hz- 20kHz




32 ohms

Earphone Material


Cable Length

1.2 meters

Cable Interface


Plug Type

3.5mm Mini-Jack

Inner Nozzle Diameter


Suitable Ear Tip Size


$79.00 USD

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Customer Reviews

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Kiwi Ears x Crinacle: Singolo - Headphones with a Helmholtz resonator!

Headphone and DAC Amplifier Reviewer RomaDVD Channel
Despite the fact that the headphones have a bias towards the low-frequency register, they cannot be called purely bass-head, they are well balanced.
The bass does not overlap the middle.
The low frequencies here have good density and fullness, which are usually inherent in the higher segment.
The bass can be called a subwoofer, these are the associations that come to mind when listening to this model.
It lays at the very bottom with tight support.
Although the low frequencies stand out here, they do not press down the middle, and vocals with instruments are not lost under the influence of the bass.
The vocals are clearly distinguishable and do not fade into the background, but take their place.
It can be highlighted more strongly using ear pads with a wide nozzle.
The edge of the upper octave range is carefully shifted deeper into the stage, which makes the high frequencies seem pleasantly soft and enveloping.
They are pleasing to the ear, and do not seem harsh or disgustingly clucking.
There is no shortage of high frequencies here, their number is perfectly matched.
Tweaking the treble here resembles more expensive solutions, and for those who are just starting their journey in portable audio, such trebles may seem extremely tasty and delicate. YouTube video placeholder
Vedran Rumenovic

Kiwi Ears x Crinacle: Singolo



Pascal Wessie
Not very good.

If they were about 20,- euro they were decent but for the asking price there are a lot more better choices even from Kiwi self.

Antenor MusiCafe
One of the best Crnacle's Collab

This is a legit "neutral with bass boost" sounding IEM.
It has a really enjoyable bass, with weight and substance, but that won't bleed to the mids.
The mids are rather correct, with good and natural timbre.
The highs are very well positioned, very airy and pleasant.

I think the fit and the accessories could be better on a 80 USD IEM, it has a shallow fit and the tips provided are not good for it. I used Final Audio Type E to get a proper fit and it worked well for me.

Besides that, it is a very good looking IEM which sounds very good if properly fitted to your ears. YouTube video placeholder
A not so Singolo review

Pros: Great sub-bass if used with the right ear tips. Big bass sounding if fitted properly.
Cons: Price point on the high side, accessories provided can be better.
Stock eartips virtually e-waste
The Kiwiears Singolo offers a bold sound signature with its notable 11mm Dynamic Driver. Partnering with Crinicle, Kiwiears has crafted an IEM that delivers a larger-than-life auditory experience.

While it exhibits some commendable qualities, there are areas that could benefit from refinement.

Sound Quality:

Bass: The Singolo boasts substantial bass response reminiscent of a dedicated subwoofer. The sub-bass frequencies particularly shine, delivering pronounced rumbles that add depth to the listening experience. Despite commendable texture, the mid-bass may lack expressive detail in comparison to other models in its price range. The implementation of a large dynamic driver mitigates bass bleed, contributing to a cleaner sound.

Midrange: The midrange is characterized by a V-shaped tuning, allowing the beats of the music to take precedence over vocals. Vocals exhibit a distinctive halo effect, adding character to the upper mids. While resolution is adequate, the Singolo excels in conveying the resonant qualities of acoustic instruments, enhancing the overall tonal experience.

Treble: Surprisingly, the Singolo delivers impressive treble extension, imparting an airy quality to the sound signature. Cymbals sound crisp and well-defined, contributing to a balanced audio profile. The controlled treble ensures clarity across the frequency spectrum.

Soundstage: The Singolo offers commendable width and height, creating an expansive soundstage that belies its physical dimensions. Depth and positioning are above average, enhancing the overall listening immersion.


VS Simgot EA500LM: While the Simgot EA500LM demonstrates superior technical prowess with enhanced resolution and refinement, the Singolo holds its own with its engaging bass slam and texture. The EA500LM caters to listeners seeking a traditional sound signature, whereas the Singolo appeals to those desiring a more dynamic and fun listening experience.

VS Tangzu Dufu: While both the Singolo and the Tangzu Dufu share similarities in sound signature, the Singolo edges ahead with its pronounced bass slam and midrange texture. Despite comparable technical performance, the Singolo offers a more engaging sonic presentation.

Final Thoughts:

The Kiwiears Singolo impresses with its addictive bass response and engaging sound signature. With its large dynamic driver, it delivers a captivating auditory experience that resonates with music enthusiasts. While its sonic performance is commendable, the Singolo could benefit from additional accessories to enhance its value proposition. Overall, it stands as a compelling choice for listeners seeking a dynamic and immersive listening experience.


Highs are bright, without being harsh. mids, and sub bass is ok. mid bass kick is decent.
they hurt my ears, as the nozzles are very large. even days after i stopped using them.

Thor Erik Lie

In a vacuum, these are great IEMs, but with the existence of the Zero: Reds that are much cheaper, with a better sound, the hype wasn't worth it.

The treble is bright and quite enjoyable with certain types of music, but overall they simply aren't worth it, you can get better IEMs that are just as good.

Singolo IEM: Harsh Highs and Aching Ears

Let's dive into my experience with the Kiwi Ears x Crinacle Singolo IEMs. While they boast some features, the fatiguing highs were a constant letdown.

Ear-Splitting Sharpness

The biggest drawback of the Singolo is the treble. It's excessively bright and harsh. Listening for extended sessions resulted in ear fatigue. This makes them unsuitable for anyone who enjoys a smooth, balanced sound signature.

Treble Fatigue Takes Toll

Even at lower volumes, the piercing highs became bothersome. This completely overshadowed the mids and bass, leaving the music feeling unbalanced and shrill. Instruments like cymbals and hi-hats were emphasized to an unpleasant degree.

Cheap Feel and Potential Fit Issues

The included ear tips felt low quality. They weren't comfortable and didn't provide a good seal, which can significantly impact the overall sound quality, especially the bass response. This might also contribute to the fatiguing highs if you can't achieve a proper seal.
The cable felt flimsy and cheap as well compared to the other brands found on similar price range IEMs.

Matthew Thompson
Broken Right IEM, takes forever to get replacement, unusable as is.

My right IEM had expanded on the inside and stopped working. Support required me to destroy the right IEM to get a replacement and I'm still waiting on it to maybe get shipped. Completely disappointed with this product. I was holding off on writing a review but the automated system fired me an email asking for one, so 1 star it is.

Dear Customer,

We sincerely apologize for the delay in shipping your replacement right IEM. Unfortunately, due to a shortage of stock for the single right earpiece, it took longer than anticipated to arrive at our warehouse.

We understand your disappointment and frustration with the situation, and we regret any inconvenience caused. Rest assured, we have now dispatched the replacement and have sent the tracking number to your email.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

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