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KZ 89-7

1064 Cores 8-Strand Thickened Silver-Plated Upgrade Cable

    Anti-Oxidation High-Purity Core Conductors
    Three-Frequency Balance Wide Sound Field
    3.5mm Carbon Fiber Gold-Plated Plug
    Ultra-Soft Cable Body & Superior Sound Quality
    Precision Lightweight Copper Housing Splitter & Ergonomic Design
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Anti-Oxidation High-Purity Core Conductors

KZ 89-7 cable is made of anti-oxidation high-purity silver-plated conductors with a single strand of 133 cores and a total of 8 strands of braided silver-plated cable. Featuring ingenious craftsmanship, hand-woven winding, and higher electrical load capacity, its sound quality is more transparent. Only such high-purity silver-plated conductors can guarantee the efficient transmission of sound quality. In addition, the KZ upgrade cable adopts PVC transparent material against break, oxidation, and deformation.

Three-Frequency Balance Wide Sound Field

With the characteristics of these three balanced and natural frequencies, the KZ 89-7 cable can survey full and delicate vocals to satisfy the users. It is worth mentioning that the high and medium frequencies are warm and not stimulating. Besides, an excellent connection structure can effectively shield the external interference and reduce the internal conductor acoustic distortion and stethoscope effect, bringing high-quality sound.

3.5mm Carbon Fiber Gold-Plated Plug

The middle of the KZ cable plug consists of high-purity carbon fiber materials, both ends wrapped in metal copper. An effective lightweight can improve overall rigidity. Internal one-piece injection molding performance is more stable and reliable. Featuring exquisite workmanship, the 3.5mm standard plug is widely compatible with most earphones on the market.

Ultra-Soft Cable Body & Superior Sound Quality

Unlike the traditional 4-strand cable, the marvelous KZ 89-7 cable is equipped 8-strand cable with high-purity silver plating and then plated with thick silver according to the requirements of the tuning. That is why this cable is soft and tough, and its acoustic performance is brilliant.

Precision Lightweight Copper Housing Splitter & Ergonomic Design

Adopting heat shrinkable tube ear-hook design and 0.75mm gold-plated pins, the KZ 89-7 can enhance high-fidelity sound effects and restore three-dimensional shocking sound. It is also suitable for most ear types. Besides, standard with a precision lightweight copper housing splitter, this upgrade cable is capable of reducing overall weight. It is also conducive to long-term wearing and protecting the cable from abrasion.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ 89-7
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The KZ 89-7 Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

8-strand silver-plated thicker (1064 cores) upgrade cable
The number of cores
single strand 133 cores, total 8 strands 1064 cores

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Customer Reviews

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Quality for this price is so good.

Avoid Linsoul

Once I had purchase Linsoul's earbuds, they refused to help me find replacement wires. The discount code they provided was also denied when I purchased what I thought we proper replacements. They refused to honor their return policy stating sanitation reasons even though the wires are unused/opened and continue to refuse to tell me which of their products would actually work as replacements. I guess they have my money now and I have nothing. Avoid Linsoul

Hi there,

We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our policies are in place to ensure consistency and fairness for all customers. Regarding the return policy, we must adhere to sanitation guidelines, which unfortunately means we cannot accept returns for opened or used cables. For products that have been opened, such as headphones, amplifiers, etc., we support return and refund within 7 days.

Regarding replacement wires, we strive to provide assistance to all our customers. We did recommend suitable replacement cables for your IEM in our email reply on February 13 at 19:39. Please review our email correspondence for the provided cable link.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.

KZ 89-7 Cable Review

Purchased as an upgrade for my KZ-ZS10 PRO IEM's. Excellent cable. Cant fault it at all. More than happy.

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