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HD Bluetooth Module Wireless Upgrade Cable

    Bluetooth 5.2 HIFI Wireless Ear Hook
    Strong compatibility
    Small and light Comfortable wearing experience
    AAC Advanced Audio Coding Transmission Technology
    Dual-host Dual Channel
    *Note: This product is only for Bluetooth upgrade earhook, without earphones
    C PIN for ZSX / ZSN / ZSNPRO / ZS10 PRO / AS12 / AS16 / ZSN PRO X / ZAX / ASX / DQ6 / ASF
    B PIN for ZST/ZS10/AS10/BA10/ED12/ZSR/ES3/ES4 /ZST X/EDX/ AS06
    Please do NOT use fast-charging adapters
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Pluggable Bluetooth Ear Hook

The plug-in design with gold-plated pins makes the earphones become wireless earphones in seconds,getting rid of the shackles of cables. You can choose the hybrid technology/dynamic/balanced armature earphones,and discover more interesting upgrades.

Strong Compatibility Get Rid Of The Shackles

As long as the device with Bluetooth function can be connected, the compatibility is strong, whether it is lOS system or Android, it is cornpatible.never worry about the length of the earphone cable anymore. *This product is only for Bluetooth upgrade earhook, without earphones.

Small and Light Comfortable

The Bluetooth ear hook weighs only 4.5 g, which is Light and has no pressure. The ear hook is made of skin-friendly resin, which is soft and comfortable and fits the auricle. Long wear is also comfortabLe.

AAC Advanced Audio Coding Transmission Technology

Professional sound quality comes from the chip and the dual protection of AAC advanced coding ability . AAC advanced audio coding transmission technology is adopted to greatly improve the quality of listening and bring natural and clear sound.

Dual-host Dual Channel

Transmission technology ,faster response,eliminate conventional single host , dual transmission ,lower delay , two earhooks can be connected to different Bluetooth devices , and the earhooks can be used individually.This product is only for Bluetooth upgrade earhook , without earphones.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ AZ09
  • User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Thu Trang Nguyen


Stylish, Durable, but Clunky

I've been using the 09s for over a month now as my daily drivers, and I broadly like them.

The build quality is great: the old necklace style KZ bluetooths were, essentially, just a power cord with a thicker sleeve for the earhooks. Regular rough use absolutely destroyed the earhook's ridigidty and made the hooksleeve peel away. Meanwhile, the AZ09s immediately feel much sturdier, and I know their design is going to fare much better over the coming months.

The battery life is pretty darn solid, too. I've left the buds out of the case several times overnight and still had a respectable amount of juice.

The case itself, while pretty, is extremely thick, and may be hard to comfortably put in a pucket. I'm a girl, but luckily I generally wear stuff with good pockets. Skinny jeans are right out, though. These boys are chonky. Not to mention the sleek black makes the case incredibly hard to find, compared to the white earbuds I've had before, or the grey of the old necklace model.

That's not the only thing I find clunky about these guys: their volume situation is borked. Like the necklace models, these guys put out a prodigious amount of sound, which is absolutely amazing for finding my earbuds across the house. Pick a rock song, crank 'er up, and follow the noise.

Unfortunately, the volume slider on my phone was not equipped for this level of range. My options are going a click up to make everything slightly too loud, or a click down so it's slightly too quiet. Maybe that won't be a problem when I'm an old lady and my hearing deterioriates.

What won't change on the AZeds is their volume. There are no volume controls on this thing. There's a function for AI assistant and a super low latency mode, sure. But no way to change volume except by directly manipulating my phone. Combined with the aforementioned volume scale issue, I feel much more tethered to my phone now. Can't just keep my phone in a random pocket, stick these in and go for a run/drive. No, I have to know exactly where the phone is in case I want to change my decision of slightly too loud or slightly too quiet.

Maybe I'm being a bit harsh. I really do love this thing, even if it's a direct downgrade to the old necklace model if you're looking for intuitive controls. I'm not someone with a lot of cash to spend on fancy hi-fi, so I've found KZ to be fantastic value for the money, with lots of stylish, consumer friendly stuff. The replaceable earbuds aren't made significantly less durable, but they extend the life of the device by a ton. If you can look past its flaws, there's a cheap, durable, stylish daily driver here. I certainly plan to use mine for a long time to come.

Great Product!

Slightly rolled of highs compared to being wired but some might like this as it tames the KZ 'V' signature somewhat. Battery life is great, I routinely get 5+ hours and with the case, I can go a Week between charges. You don't know you are wearing them, they are so light. Connection wise, they never miss a beat until I'm in a busy city area that has a lot of 'point to point' Wi-Fi links present. They can get a little muddled when it comes to this but bear in mind that these are massively powerful, industrial grade radio signals that they're being blasted with, at the same frequency! I can forgive them for this odd blip. It only really happens in major train stations in London for me. The AZ09 come highly recommended from me. As an audio engineer of 30 Years, they definitely pass my acceptablility threshold :)

Poor connection/ battery

At first, they were exactly what I was looking for, I was able to take my IEMs and make them wireless. After a few weeks the right ear was really spotty, turning my head would make it cut out, and now the right ear doesn’t hold a charge very frustrated I’m just glad they weren’t more expensive.

Mia Vizjak


Kevin Nguyen
Good ease of use, lots of room for much needed improvements

Connection stability while using both buds could be better, frequently stutters stops playing in one of the buds.
The voice notification (when powering on\off, switching modes) is also not great, much prefer simple beeping sounds instead.
And I was also expecting better battery capacity from the case, given the size of it.

Beside those, they fits my need with decent audio quality as a cherry on top.

Joel Menary

Thanks guys everyone now thinks I'm wearing hearing aids. Battery life is amazing I use them literally all the time and they haven't died once and I usually charge the case every 3 days
really amazing connectivity aswell

Maurizio Barbiero
A must have

I use these daily with my KZ ZSX and have to say that this set simply blows any other TWS set in the same price range out of the water.
The best thing about their ergonomics is that thanks to the ear hook there's no need for me to constantly adjust the IEMs within my ears every 5 minutes, even when running.
I would have loved for them to also have some kind of volume control, but having physical buttons instead of the so popular touch sensitive nonsense is already a big plus (and I can always set the music volume from my pocket through my smartphone's physical buttons, so..).
All things considered, if you have and love your pair of KZ ZSX or ZSN (I have those too) this is the best accessory to carry and use them on a daily basis.
Granted, the sound quality suffers a little, but it's a Bluetooth module, what else is there to expect

Bluetooth upgrade to wired IEM

Very nice upgrade to my CCA 16 drives and the where shipped very fast, thanks Linsoul. 🙏🏻

Kz AZ09 yes or no

I received the package 1 side doesn't charge and the seller asked to ship it back for testing but shipping is more expensive than actually the product cause and I bought it I have bought other products

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